Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: Cupcake Wars

Do yall watch the show Cupcake Wars?  I get sucked into that show like you would not believe.  I could do without the corny jokes, but I love to see how creative people are.  Some of the flavor combinations that they throw at the contestants seem impossible to incorporate into a cupcake, but they always seem to manage.  Now matter what kind of cupcakes they whip together, I find myself craving a bite of something sweet.

Here are some images of pink and green cupcakes that make smile and make me very very hungry!

Are you a Cupcake War fan?


  1. Yes, I do watch it. I, too, am amazed by some of the different flavor combinations. Very talented bakers. The displays turn out pretty amazing, too (for the most part).

    Have a great day!

  2. I've never seen that show but I should look it up. I'm obsessed with how cupcakes look and I'm uber jealous some ladies have that talent! Not fair!

  3. So fun! I think cupcakes are pretty and fun but when it comes down to it.. I would rather something with cream cheese :)

  4. Love cupcake wars! Never thought I'd get so emotionally invested in a show about cupcakes lol. Those pics look too cute to eat!


  5. This post is so cute! And you know I'm craving cupcakes now! I love Cupcake Wars. Such a great show!
    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  6. Hi! I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging this year & have just finished off my own daily blog on fashion, food, travel & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  7. I love cupcake wars!!! The things they can do with the icing is amazing!!!

  8. VERY Beautiful! And thank you for watching Cupcake Wars!! We were very excited to be on the show...and WIN! :) YAY!! You should go!

    <3 Annette Starbuck
    Goodie Girls

  9. your blog is as sweet as your cup cakes.....

    folding beds

  10. Love cupcakes! And the show! Actually I'm craving one right now even though I'm writing this at breakfast time :)

  11. I love cupcakes! I actually work at Bee Sweet Cupcakes on magazine st (we were on first season of cupcake wars)- come by and say hi some time! :)



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