Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Jane: Twelve Weeks of Firsts

Dear Baby Jane,

For the last twelve weeks, you have blessed our lives more than I could ever say.  To share with you all of your special moments would take as long as it did to live them.  So to help me summarize things a bit, I thought I would document your "firsts" in photos.  Here goes...

Jane's First Day Home
I had imagined this moment for a lifetime.  I remember seeing the picture of my mother on the day she and my dad took me home and thinking "that'll be me one day."  I had no idea then how incredibly special it would be to welcome a new little being into our world.  From the day you arrived, you changed our lives forever for the better.

Jane's First Thanksgiving
Just a few days after your arrival, we got to share a family tradition with you.  We watched the Macy's parade and shared a lovely meal.  We couldn't have more grateful for anything in the world than having you.

Jane's First Bath
You were just so tiny that we were convinced we'd break you!  Because you still had your cord stump, we had to give you a sponge bath.  You hated it!!  We learned that day that you do not like being cold and wet.  I learned that one of my favorite Jane activities is wrapping you up in a big towel and rocking you in my arms after your bath.  

Jane's First Christmas Tree
We were so excited to take you on an adventure to pick out your first tree.  We found just the right one.  It was tall and full and filled the house with the smell of pine.  When you and I were taking a nap, Daddy and Aunt Sissy put the tree up in its stand.  Then Daddy lit it and added the star while we watched from the couch and cheered him on.  

Jane's Meets Uncle Barnaby and Aunt Alissa
When you were two weeks old, your Godfather and Aunt Lissy came to spend the weekend here in New Orleans.  The second they saw you, it was love at first sight.  We spent the weekend doing lots of New Orleansy things.  We walked to yummy lunches and dinners, we strolled around Magazine Street, and we ended the trip with a wonderful brunch.  

Jane's First Walk in Audubon Park
I had imagined strolling you through the park since the day we found out I was pregnant.  I couldn't wait to show you the Egrets perched on moss covered trees and the steeple of Holy Name peaking through the tops of the trees.  It was so darn cold during your first two weeks that I couldn't bare to take you outside.  This day was just lovely, so Daddy and I set out to explore the park with you.  

Jane's First Christmas Tea
When I was a little girl, we would get dressed in our fanciest outfits and have high tea followed by a performance of the Nutcracker.  It is a tradition we couldn't wait to share with you.  While we skipped the Nutcracker, we were able to have tea at the Roosevelt Hotel's Teddy Bear Tea.  Santa and his reindeer were there with the Ice Princess.  Mrs. Clause read Twas the Night Before Christmas to you and the other children.  It was truly magical!

Jane's First Visit to the Roosevelt
There are few places more beautiful at Christmas than the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Jane's First Christmas Morning
Jane you are the best gift we have ever received.  You made this Christmas more special than any before it.  We woke up and exchanged gifts before heading to my parents house for lunch with your great grandparents.  Imagine that - four generations at one table - pretty special!

Jane's First Christmas

Jane's First Trip to Cafe du Monde
Jane, while on that day you ordered three ounces of Enfamil Gentleease, one day you will sit down on the green vinyl covered chairs and tell your waiter, "an order of donuts and a cafe au lait."  And about five minutes later, you will be presented with a plate of powdered sugar covered fried dough and a mug of what must be nectar of the gods.  This will be a place we go to celebrate big occasions and nothing at all!

Jane's First French Quarter Day
Well, there you have it.  You are officially a New Orleanian.  That backdrop is the fingerprint of this dear city that you call home.  Every time you see it in an ad or on television or in real life, you will find it is as beautiful as it was on that very first day you saw it.

Jane's First Visit to the Audubon Zoo
For Christmas, Daddy asked for passes to the zoo.  We couldn't wait to take you there and show you the lions, tigers, and bears.  

Jane's First Roman Candy
While you're too little to eat this now, in just a few years, you will be begging us to pull the car over whenever we see the candyman's cart to buy you some taffy.

Jane's First Trip to New York
This trip deserves its own post, and I promise to write it!  Jane you got to meet all of your aunts and uncles in the coolest city in the world.  We took you on a ton of adventures, but here you are having a girls day with Mommy's friends.  We had tea and walked through Midtown where we stopped to admire the new Laduree on Madison Avenue.

Jane's First Muses Float Viewing
Jane we could not wait for you to get to learn more about Mardi Gras!!  It is our favorite of all of the seasons.  You got to go with us to see Mommy's float and to see the rest of the Muses floats.

Jane's First Float Viewing
Mommy was showing you the view from my spot on the float.  I was teaching you how to say "Throw me somethin' sister!"  My hope is that when you are old enough, you will get to join me in this incredible Mardi Gras tradition and ride in Muses.

Jane's First Parade
Jane, this was the big moment we had been waiting for.  It was a chilly day, so we bundled you and and head to St. Charles Avenue.  There you saw float and bands and beads and doubloons for the very first time.  I can't imagine what it is like to see and hear those things for the first time, but getting to see it through your eyes makes me think it is spectacular.

Jane's First Parade
Daddy is showing you the Krewe of Pontchartrain.  We think you loved it!

Jane's First Valentine's Day
Jane, from the moment we saw you, you stole our hearts.  While it is nice to have a day set aside to acknowledge those we love, we want you to know, that there is not a moment that passes that we don't love you.  Mommy and Daddy love each other very much, and together, we love you more.  You are our Valentine.

There are a million firsts and a million milestones it feels like I am leaving out.  One of the things I struggle with the most is living in those moments versus documenting them.  I hope you know that the moments not shared here (like your first big smile, the first time you clasped your hands, the first time you rolled onto your side) are all just as special.  We cannot wait for all of the moments we'll share together from here on out.

Mommy and Daddy


  1. SHe is so cute! She is a lucky girl to have gotten to go to NYC so young :)
    She is precious!

  2. Jane looks like she is having a ball in New Orleans (and New York)! :)

  3. Such a sweet post. :) She is precious.

  4. Oh she is such a lucky little girl!!! Your photos make me miss NOLA more than ever. Hope you guys have a wonderful Mardi Gras season!!!

  5. I love, love, love this post.

    We, too, have a picture of Thatcher's first walk in Audubon Park. We took him to Mardi Gras to see my mom in Muses last year but I cannot wait for this weekend - I think he will love it!

    I love the foggy cathedral pic, too.

  6. What a little sweetie pie!
    I love the Laduree photo!!

  7. Jane is so beautiful. I love your family Christmas photo - too cute! Happy 12 weeks sweet baby Jane :)

  8. Baby Jane is going to have a wonderful life. This is my favorite post. :)



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