Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Favorite Pins

There was so much Mardi Gras Madness going on in our house last Friday that I didn't share my favorite pins from the week that was.  I went back to wotk this week, and as crazy as it sounds, I feel like our life is more ordered now than it has been in a while. Perhaps it's because I looked at a calendar for the first time in three months.  Anyway, given that I actually know what day of the week it is this week, and that it is indeed Friday, here are some very Pinteresting things I thought you might like...

I have found so much inspiration from this room.  I love the blend of styles - the MCM sofa with the contemporary acrylic table and the sweet southern chair.  The pops of color seem to bring it all together!

I had the best English grammar teacher in the world in elementary school (thank you Miss Schott)!!  This grammer quick reference quide is awesome!!  If only I could remember how to diagram a sentence I would never use a dangling participle.

With Lent upon us, I will be going to my first post-baby Weight Watchers weigh in on Wednesday.  This Skinny Taste recipe will allow me to eat one of my very favorite soups without racking up a whole ton of points.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, this dress has given me the best post-baby weight loss motivation!  I love the color, and while it is super short, the delicate lace sleeves make it feel demure.

It's so easy to take our time with Jane for granted.  This website (, and, more specifically, this post was such a lovely reminder of how lucky we are to have that little one in our family.  We have already started on this list, and even though she has no idea what we're doing, I feel like these kind gestures will help shape her into a person that spreads kindness to others.

That's all for this Friday!  I hope you have had an amazing week.

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