Thursday, February 16, 2012

Krewe of Muses 2012: Theme Reveal and Float Sketches

Less than 24 hours to go before the Krewe of Muses takes to the streets of New Orleans!  I cannot wait to ride.  Each year I think, "Maybe this is the year that it won't be as exciting."  As it turns out, each year is just as amazing as the one before.

Our 2012 theme is...

Muses Go Shopping: Taking it to the Limit

Our parade follows the old Carnival custom of incorporating satire into our float titles.  This year, we played on the names and logos of some of our favorite stores...

Here are the sketches of our floats...
My float!  

Crooks-A-Million (our local politicians who have some hard time coming...)

Fossil (Daddy Warbucks)

Roach (Permanent New Orleans residents)

Bed, Bath, and Begone (Tribute to walks of shame and one night stands)

Airoportale (Ick!  I hate those airport xrays!)

Forever 44 (We'll never forget Superbowl 44)

Crate and Double Barrel (Pow! Pow!)

Build-an-Heir (A guide to creating your own prince or princess)

Toys 4 Us (Charlotte's favorite pet)

Adolescent and Rich (Can you smell the cologne from here?)

Things Forgotten (Paying homage to all of our city's favorite landmarks that have closed their doors)

Banana Republicans

Bald and Noble (We love Mayor Landrieu)

Wombs to Go (Surrogates Wanted)

Sayless (Sometimes less is more)

JCPenniless (Day late and a dollar short)

Bourbon Outfitters (We all love to hate the cheesy Bourbon Street tshirt shops)

Smears (It's campaign season)

Circus City (You can't please 99% of the people all of the time)

The Sharper Image (Governor Jindal's gotta keep up his image)

J Crude (I like my oysters without oil in 'em)

Sirens Float - It is truly a privilege to be a Muse

For those who will be joining us on the route, I'll be riding on the title float (#3), driver's side, bottom level, 2nd to last rider in the well.

Hail Muses!


  1. Have fun, hope ya'll have good weather!!! :) My husband is riding in the Spanish Town Parade in BR on Saturday! Spent nearly $300 on beads and stuff to throw! Weather pending, we will probably be at Bacchus on Sunday!

  2. I LOVE the theme and the floats! I think my favorite one is Things Forgotten (RIP K&B) and Bed, Bath and Be Gone. Have a great time tomorrow!!!

  3. Can't wait to see it! We've been really enjoying living here for Mardi Gras and know the best is yet to come.

  4. LOVE it! So funny. I wish I could make it out to the parade but since I work in Mandeville, I can never make it out there in time!

    Have a blast tonight!

  5. Oh I just love them all! I dream of the days when I'll live in New Orleans and possibly be a Muse! For now, I'll settle with enjoying the parade from the sidelines. This years theme is simply AWESOME. <3

  6. I'm dying over "Needless Markups" and "Bourbon Outfitters" - hilarious! Hope y'all have a fabulous time. I'm having Mardi Gras envy - so wish I was there to see it!

  7. Have fun!!! I hope I get to see it.

  8. Hope you're having fun out there - I love Banana Republicans and Things Forgotten.

  9. Thanks for a great time tonight - I didn't get a shoe but my feet were killing me after standing for 3 parades so that's kinda shoe related ;) Great job Muses!

  10. Saw your parade for the first time last night. Will never miss another one. Fantastic.

  11. I mentioned you today on TCSK!!! Happy Friday. Xoxo-BLC

    PS: Have fun this weekend with the Pearsons!!! :)



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