Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Favorite Pins

On the elevator up to the office this morning, a coworker and I decided that during tax season, "Saturday is the new Friday."  I can't wait for the weekend to spend some quality time with Mark and Jane, but I'll have to put in some hard work tomorrow first.  Since most of you are celebrating the start to the weekend today, I'll recognize that today is indeed Friday and share with you five pins from the week that was...

I told you about our newborn photo session with Jennifer Zdon from Twirl Photography.  Well, when Jane is six months old, Jennifer is going to spend some more time with Jane and capture a day in her life.  I have been looking for photos of children in that age range that I like, and I found this one that I L-O-V-E.  You can get that sweet little hat on Etsy!  Isn't it adorable?!

My idea of the perfect bathroom is one that you consider to be the most peaceful place in the house.  This one might just fit the bill...

Strawberry sorbet and prosecco floats - I cannot imagine anything that sounds more refreshing.  If Mad Men rules of office conduct applied today, you better believe I would greet every client with one of these.

As a Delta Gamma, I am drawn to all things nautical.  Our badges are an anchor, the age old symbol of hope.  This one sure makes a statement!

This past year I have had the please of being a Delta Gamma advisor to the chapter (my chapter) at Loyola University New Orleans.  DG's motto is to Do Good.  This poster captures the essence of everything it means to be a Delta Gamma.  If I could impress upon the collegians only one thing, it would be summed up simply by asking them to "go into the world and DO GOOD."  I am looking forward to celebrating the founding of our fraternity next Saturday at our annual founder's day.  You better believe that Baby Jane will be wearing her sailor dress!!

Have a wonderful start to your weekend.  I'll catch up with you tomorrow around 3:00!

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't wait to see pics of Jane in her sailer dress. Elle received one as well but she hasn't had a chance to wear it. Did you sign her up for Anchor Girl? Its pretty cute how EO will send Jane her own mail, bday card and magnet.



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