Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Favorite Pins

Well, bloggers, it's Friday again!  This week seemed to go by very quickly.  We're deep in the middle of the tax season crazy here, so the hours seem to evaporate into thin air and the work seems to do the opposite.

It's funny to go back and look at my pins from the week.  I can usually tell what was at the forefront of my mind during any one week based on what I repinned.  This week it was all about home interiors with , fabulous tile, accent walls, and pops of color.  I'm going to try to offer pins from varied areas of interest, but there may be a few more home interiors than usual.

Here's a little look into my pinboards from the week that was...

Because I haven't eaten breakfast yet and am starving, I'll start with my favorite food pin of the week.  Are these bunny bottom cupcakes not adorable?

I am obsessed with small glass tiles in bathrooms and as a backsplash in kitchens.  I have never seen anything like those circle tiles.  It's so whimsical.  The ombre tiles create the illusion that water is lightly falling from above which seems to have such a peaceful effect even though the room is black and white.

Speaking of black and white, this chevron wall is to die for.  I love how they have mixed a modern print and acrylic magazine holder with an old fashioned mirror and accent table.  Genious!

This room features so many of my favorite things - one accent wall with a great pattern, a gray and yellow palette, and pops of bright color.

This room has it all!  Bright pops of turquoise against a gray background, fabulous wall paper, and furniture with interesting texture.  LOVE!

I hope you found this pinteresting!!

Please feel free to join me and post your own favorite pins.  I love finding new inspirations from as many people's boards as I can!


  1. Great pins. That's a good idea to look back over the week and see what you've pinned - I doubt mine would have much of a theme. I'm a pinning fool and it's usually a hodge podge of everything! :)

  2. I LOVE all of these pins! Especially the bunny cupcakes. :)

  3. How cute are those circle tiles and I love the bedroom with the gray and yellow very chic! xo



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