Monday, December 14, 2009

A Breakthrough for Beignet

Well what a lovely weekend. Activity-wise, certainly not weather-wise. We attended a lovely dinner party Friday evening where we had ham and sausage stuffed beef tenderloin. In Mark's words "I love when my favorite thing is wrapped around my two other favorite things." Yum! Saturday was cold and rainy, but we managed to have a great day relaxing and making gumbo!! The roux was just right - dark brown and toasty, but not burned. We took our gumbo to a lovely little Christmas party my book club throws each year. I just love holiday parties, don't you. Of course, Sunday was the best day of the weekend, because the Saints extended their winning season by knocking off the Falcons!!! 13-0!!!!!!!!! We'll be home for the next two games, and I can't wait!!

Somewhere between all of this hustle and bustle we have managed to get our new little puppy Beignet to sleep all night in her crate! This is a major breakthrough in our house. For the last month, we have been letting her sleep in a little dog bed next to our bed. This decision has caused one of us to wake up every three hours or so when Beignet realizes playing is way better than sleeping and wants us to join her for a game of catch at 3:00a.m. At least twice during the night I feel two little paws tapping my head and then some teeth pulling on my hair. Grrr. I wake up and rub the puppy's belly until she is calm enough to get back to sleep. Eventually after two rounds of this, we just pick her up and put her in the bed where she will rest somewhat peacefully.

Friday night I was looking forward to getting some sleep, and Beignet wanted nothing to do with that plan. She woke me up three times and I was so tired all day Saturday. Mark and I decided that we had to finally put our foot down and let her cry-it-out in the crate. So Saturday night when we got home from our party, we each gave Beignet an extra tight hug and put her in her crate with a bone and her favorite toy. I was really worried she would hate us for doing it, but to be honest, I think she actually got her first full night's sleep since she has lived with us. She cried for about twenty minutes, and we remained strong resisting the urge to just let sleep in our bed. I think she eventually got too tired to fuss anymore and she fell asleep. She didn't wake up until 8:15 Sunday! A minor miracle seeing as she has been waking us up around 6:15. We tried again last night, and she cried a little louder for a little longer, but eventually she gave up and went to bed. Ahhhhh. The sound of a rested puppy parent. We're just so relieved.

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  1. Having a puppy sounds so much like having a baby! Maybe that experience will prepare you for a time when you have to let a baby cry!

    Oh and I love her name!!



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