Monday, December 7, 2009

Today I'm Feeling

Like one sick puppy...
When I'm feeling yucky, there are some things that make me feel a little better...

My dad's Lemon Rice Soup. I think that will be my Tasty Tuesday tomorrow. It is delicious and warm and perfectly comforting.

Tazo tea - particularly the passion flavor. It is a wonderful, fruity, hibiscus scented tea and makes a sore throat feel so much better.

Kleenex with aloe - There's nothing worse than for a runny nose than kleenex that feels like sand paper. I like the soft fluffy kind with aloe.

And best of all is cuddling up in bed under a big down comforter and watching a good movie. My choice tonight is elf. I think it should be the perfect cure for my little cold.


  1. It's raining here in Phoenix so I am staying in tonight (no zumba for me) and cuddling up on the sofa to take in a Christmas movie myself! I do remember from a prior post that you are Alissa's SIL and aren't you also a DG?!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Passion Tea is my fav too!!! oh and I LOVE your new ring:) I go to Lee Michael's all the time and try it on:) hahahah

  3. I had a really bad cold a couple of weeks ago (right after the SB, actually- wonder if I caught it out in the cold that night... LOL

    anyway- I discovered the SBux Passion tea and fell in love- so much that I bought a whole tin of it! LOL



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