Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - Stocking Stuffers

I think Christmas shopping can be hard sometimes. In our house, there is usually one larger item we each want making that part of the shopping very easy. And while I enjoy knowing that with one swift swipe of my card I can purchase a gift for Mark that I know he will love (since he picked it out), I am always left feeling kind of sad that the purchase didn't have any magic to it. There's no surprise, no wondering what's around the corner. So I now turn to his stocking stuffers to create a little excitement on Christmas morning. And I can tell you , I never have more fun than searching aisle after aisle looking for a few perfect little gadgets and trinkets that I think he will appreciate.

I still have to get my list together for stocking stuffers for Mark, but I have been seeing a lot of great little things out there that might just help you scratch something off your list.

For the chef on your list these herb snips would be a much appreciated kitchen gadget. I love how the shears have mutliple blades making snipping herbs so much more effiecient!

For the cookbook hoarder on your list, these page tags are seriously the perfect gift. They are a cute and colorful way to tag the recipes you like by category (beef, veggies, etc.) For NOLA shoppers you can buy them locally at Scriptura.

I think these would make a great hostess gift. Pottery Barn is selling these conversation cards. Each card has a question on it that would make dinner party conversation get pretty interesting. They also make it in a "girls' night" version too.

These next few items are for the ladies on your list, whether they're sisters or friends, mothers, or me (ahem Mark), I think these little treats will be loved by all.

This pretty Banana Republic chain and cord bracelet with the drop charm is so feminine and lovely. I can easily see it paired with a black dress and silver flats, but I can also see it working with navy shorts and a blue and white striped t-shirt. It's the perfect way to add a little snap to any outfit. For any woman on the go, a small roller bottle of perfume is the perfect stocking stuffer. I love that you can put one on your purse and reapply after work if you're headed to a meeting. I also love that they are under 3.0 oz. and can be carried on to your next flight. I picked Burberry Brit Sheer, but Sephora carries an array of scents, and they are all wonderful.

I love this Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I used a sample of it, and I felt like my lips had gone on a spa-day. For anybody who gets winter weather chapped lips, this product is perfect! It provides so much moisture and it also has SPF 15 in it. Always import to think about! Trust me, this gift will be a favorite for anyone who receives it!!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? HAve you come across any can't miss stocking stuffers?


  1. I just ordered the herb snips for my hubby!!! He will love them!!! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

  2. Oo, fun! I love stocking stuffers. My favorite on this list is the conversation cards. My friend Heidi would love them. And I would, too. and so would my mom!

    I can't come up with any must-have stocking stuffers. For me - I love getting thick slipper-style socks. They are so not fashionable, but I have wood floor so they are a must in the winter - but not something I ever buy for myself! Oh, and Barnes & Noble gift cards are fantastic as well. :)

  3. Melanie - I'm so glad you ordered the herb snips!! What a clever idea.

    Lisa - We don't have much need for thick slipper/socks here, but last Christmas my sister game me these really cute knit slippers that look kind of like Uggs and I love them!!



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