Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogger BFF Award - I'm so excited

So the rules to receiving this award are simple- see below:

1. Blog about your award and the person who sent it to you including their link.
2. Tell 7 things no one knows about yourself
3. Pass the award onto 6 new blogs that make you smile and give you inspiration. Don't forget to let them know about their new award! Then sit back and know you just made someones day:)

Jessica over at Kitchen Belleicious was so incredibly sweet to pass along this award to me.  I LOVE her blog and feel so special that she appreciates mine.  Jessica posts the most amazing recipes on her blog!!!  You must go over and check it out!!
  1. We were required to take Home Ec in high school.  I loved it so much that I took the second level of classes including an advanced sewing class.  When I was a freshman at Loyola, I sewed my own formal dress for my first Delta Gamma formal.  It was a black one shoulder satin gown with an extra high slit because I had to take it up and forgot to account for that when I sewed the slit.  Oops!
  2. When I was in eighth grade I asked for a subscription to Bride's magazine.  I would trace all of the dresses and then imagine that I was a wedding and formal wear designer.  
  3. I took a speech class in high school where we had to give an extemporaneous address.  I gave an Oscar acceptance speech holding a baseball trophy and shed real tears through  my speech.  If your interested, I won for the role of Katie Raspanti in the adaptation of the book Night Jasmine (my favorite book of all time).
  4. I love accents!!!  I played a character from Boston in a play once and had to listen to hours of tapes on the Mid-Atlantic dialect.  Since then, I have developed a knack for accents.  Now if only I could develop a knack for learning to speak French.  
  5. If choosing between a pool and a beach, I would always choose the pool.  I don't actually like the feeling of sand between my toes.  I know, I know.  
  6. I have a collection of perfumes.  For each birthday and Christmas, I ask for a new perfume.  I love waking up each day and looking at all of the pretty bottles and how different they all are.  I also love deciding what scent I feel like that day.  I know some people have a signature scent, but I love that every day is a little different.
  7. I would like to one day be the mayor of New Orleans. 
The fabulous girls receiving the BFF Blog Award are none other than: 

Thanks to these bloggers, I am constantly inspired!


  1. Oh, we have so much in common. :) I am obsessed with accents, but sadly can not pull them off unfortunately. What I wouldn't give to have a french accent!

    You certainly have a flare for the dramatic! I can just picture that acceptance speech!!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much! I'm so excited to pass this along!

  3. Thanks, Jen! Although I already knew most of those, I didn't know you could sew!!!

  4. Might as well run for office, I'm sure you're more qualified than half the candidates from last race!

  5. Congrats on your award! I'm sure LA politics would be pleased to have you! ;-) XOXO

  6. Jen!!!! You so made my day! Thank you so much. It is my first blog award anything ;) ha ha.
    Love it and I already passed it along! :)

  7. ahhh thanks!! i love my little award! i have emailed your blog to so many of my friends. . . i just love it! and ps, i'm headed to nola for a bachelorette party the second weekend in april so i'm might just have to email you for some suggestions! :)



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