Monday, March 22, 2010

Some things

Something I'm missing - Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk
With my no shopping during Lent policy, I can't get another bottle of this amazingly light face cleanser for a few more weeks.  Ahhh!!!  I can't wait to get more.

Something I'm trying to really enjoy - Running
I ran for 20 minutes straight Friday morning.  That's the longest in my whole life I've ever run.  I am not at the point yet where I really enjoy running, but I'm hoping to get there.  Listening to the Glee soundtrack helps!

Something I can't wait for - Sex and the City II
We'll be in Paris when it premieres, and while it might be a little lame, I really want to find an English language theater and watch the movie while we're there.  I have missed these girls!  And don't you agree that if anybody could do the 80s right it would be Carrie Bradshaw!

Something I love watching - Modern Family
This show cracks me up.  It is funny, and real, and very touching too.  I love a show that can put so many different emotions into an episode.  It makes me remember how great tv can be.

Something I'm reading - Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner
I love Jennifer Weiner's books, and I don't know how it is that I hadn't read this one.  I have read all of her others.  She has such a great writing style, and she develops her characters so well.  I am about a quarter of the way through and am loving the story.  I know some people dismiss chick lit, but I spend my day reading tax legislation, so a dose of light reading is just what I want when I get home.

Something yummy to leave you with - Overnight Easy Bake Caramel Rolls
This recipe posted on my blog friend Heidi's blog, Cherry Blossoms,  looked too yummy not to pass along.  Don't you agree!  I think it's the perfect recipe to have ready when you have company.  I love that you get it ready the night before and let the rolls rise overnight.  Then in the morning, you can just pop them in the oven and let your guests wake up to the smell of yummy goodness!


  1. You will have to tell me more about this face wash! I am always looking to try new products and I loved Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner. You may want to read if you have time Lunch in Paris ( I blogged about it a few weeks ago). I finished it this weekend and I enjoyed so much that when it ended I was like "No, It can't be the end!". Also, thanks for the shout out! Trust me these rolls will become addicting!

  2. My girlfriends and I were just talking about SATC 2 this weekend! We are so excited! We are already trying to figure out how we're going to be together for the premiere :)

  3. Oooh that face wash looks very'll have to give us a full review. I am always looking for fun new things to try! I can imagine running listening to GLEE makes running much more enjoyable! (Note to self!) I am majorly drooling over these yummy rolls, they sound divine. Have you tried them yet? I too am psyched for SATC II - love those girls! And love you too girly!! XOXO

  4. OH! And P.S. - I LOVE MODERN FAMILY TOOOOOOOO!!! Mitch and Cam crack me up, Manny is freakin' hilarous and Phil and Claire are cute and crazy too. It is the bestest!

  5. I'm so excited for SATC II. Loved the first movie. Actually might need to watch that today. it's like therapy for me to watch those girls.

  6. Jennifer,
    Had to check out the Caramel Rolls. I've been making these
    this Spring for weekend guests and they've been a hit, too. (although the dinner rolls are a great time saver!)

  7. Love this list!! ALL my favs!!!! It's like we are twins. :)

  8. I am so excited to see STC II!! Love it!
    I know that you know you can do it.. just run a little at a time and build it up! :)

  9. I love this list! But I definitely need more info on that facial cleanser, it's piqued my interest. What skin type is it good for?



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