Thursday, March 25, 2010

Product Review - Juice Beauty

This has NEVER been me.  I have never been someone who had a daily face washing regimen.  In fact, and please forgive me, I often went to bed with a full face of makeup.  It wasn't until two years ago when I started freaking out about getting wrinkles that I really began considering that maybe a little moisturizer would make a big difference.  The thing is - I hate face lotions and moisturizers.  They're gooey and sticky and oily.  Yuck.  I always felt like my face was dirtier after a coat of lotion than it was before.  I just couldn't find the right thing, so I couldn't get into a routine. 

And then two Aprils ago while in NYC with some friends we stopped in the Sephora on 5th.  I was wandering through the cleanser aisle when a lovely saleslady stopped to help.  I told her my predicament 
 - I needed to get into a routine but was turned off by heavy, weighty lotions and oily, scented moisturizers.  She steered me directly to the Juice Beauty aisle.  Ahhh!!  And I was in heaven!

She suggested the line because it is organic and pesticide free.  She said they used a unique combination of fruit juices in the product, and I could tell immediately by the very light citrusy smell coming from the samples I tried.  It was perfection!  She also said that I could get the moisture I needed from the moisturizer alone without having to add several additional steps to the routine.  Added bonus!  I was sold!

I start my routine with a good facial rinse using the Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk.  While they have other cleansers, I prefer the cleansing milk because of it's light and creamy texture.  It isn't soap based, so it doesn't lather which was an odd feeling at first.  But I will tell you that my faces feels fresh and renewed after washing it.  I have very dry skin, and it doesn't dry out my skin!!  Finally, a product I can't live without!!

After hopping out of the shower, I use the Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer.  This has been the biggest step for me - I have committed to a moisturizer!  I mean really committed!! It is made from apple and lemon juices, and it adds a lovely fresh scent to the lotion.  I love how it feels rich and moisturizing without feeling heavy and oily.  I have used it every day for almost two years, and I am telling you it is wonderful!!!

The last step is one I don't always take, but when I'm feeling extra tired, I use the Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream.  I decided after liking the other products so much, I'd take the plunge and see if I could add another step to the routine.  It's worked out well enough so far.  I will tell you on long tax season days, my eyes will take all the help they can get!!  And this product seems to do the trick!

This is my first product review, and I hope it has been helpful!!  I wish I could tell you more about how it works for all skin types, but I'd hate to steer you in the wrong direction.  I can tell you though, that it's worth checking out!!!

Do you have a favorite cleanser or moisturizer?  What's your beauty routine?


  1. I will have to try this line. I am a Proactiv girl... love how my skin feels & looks.

  2. I will have to check this out esp the eye cream. I love Bliss and Philosophy products. Their 15 min steep clean facial by Bliss is great and I love the scent. In fact when I use it its some of the best 15 min of my week (man, I am sad haha). I also got it at Sephora and its worth the splurge. A new product I started using is Vanicream. Its a really gentle face bar that I use (available only at Walgreens) and I like that a lot. Its for sensitive skin but it seems to help keep my oily skin in check.

  3. Thanks for the review. I think I might try this one out. Right now my only "can't live without" face product is Aveeno's ultra calming face lotion. I used to get red blotches from irritants and allergens but since I started using this lotion a few years a go they're history! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect face wash though.

  4. Thanks for the great info. BTW, left a little gift for you on my blog, please go check it out! :-) XOXO

  5. Great review! I'm a Mario Badescu girl---started using it a few years ago and my skin has never been healthier. I love that I can get it at Beaufort Clothing, too! Hope you're feeling better! xoxo

  6. Girl, I don't know how you used to live without moisturizer. I have to have it immediately after getting out of the shower, or my face feels like it is going to crack! I generally used good ol' Purpose for cleanser, and I love YonKa moisturizers -- a lotion for day and a cream for night.

  7. Okay, I just wrote this long comment, and the damn thing vanished...

    I use Purpose (by Johnson & Johnson) for my cleanser, but I use YonKa moisturizers -- a great, light lotion for day and a WONDERFUL lavender cream at night.

    I don't know how you lived without moisturizer before...I think my face would crack off!



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