Friday, March 5, 2010

This and That

Here's "The Situation"
Tonight we are having a birthday party for my good friend Margaret. Can you guess what the theme of the party is? Jersey Shore, baby! Here's the situation though, I will sheepishly admit I haven't actually seen Jersery Shore, although I have read a captivating (jk) article on them in People. Wow - they're not exactly the movers and shakers of our generation. Anyway, I have been at loss for a costume for a while. Here's what I have for my outfit - denim leggings, black off the shoulder jersey shirt with sequins down the sleeves, and either leopard pumps or these fabulously tacky plastic strappy platform pumps I love. The outfit will be capped off with a lovely beige fedora. For makeup and hair - I plan to make the most giant "poof" ever (as seen being sported by Snookie above) and wear dark orangey base, fake eyelashes, and tons of smokey eye shadow. I think I might just look like a clown, but it should be tons of fun!

You've got Mail
Two days in a row I cam home to the sweetest little packages sent from the sweetest girls in the world. First, LSU Melanie sent me three fabulous gifts. The first was a Saints toothbrush, which has already been put to good use. The second was a Saints Superbowl Champions koozie!!! Who doesn't love a good koozie. And this was my first Superbowl Champs item, and I couldn't have been more excitd to see those words in print!

  And perhaps the most thoughtful little treasure was a set of thank you notes with a gold embossed Eiffel Tower with Merci! written below. They are the perfect note cards for a girl who spends all of her free time planning for Paris. 

Yesterday, my friend Jaime sent us the cutest little cheese board with a Fleur de Lis on it accompanied by decorative napkins and a cheese knife!!!!  How fun!  I just love getting surprises in the mail from such great friends!!

Pig Pickin in the Pluff Mud
Tomorrow night is the Junior Service League's Annual BBQ benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of the Lowcountry.  I think it is everyone's favorite event, and one I look forward to each Spring.  I'll be serving up some BBQ and fixins in the food line from 7:30 - 8:30.  I hope to see all you Beaufort girls there!

Do yall have any other costume or accessory ideas for the party?  What do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. I love that cheese board! he over sized fleur de lis is precious.

  2. ha! how funny. You could also go with really short shorts like Sammi or show off all your boobs like J-Woww. (I admit, I watched Jersey Shore)

    You definitely have the hair and makeup pegged perfectly. Also, your husband could wear big fake muscles under an affliction shirt or ed hardy and get one of those wigs with the guy hair that sticks straight up- you know, like the who dat visors...

    The show is a riot. If you want to get a better idea of their personalities and how they dress, you could probably go on youtube and find clips of the show and get a better idea of how they dress, etc.

  3. OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit for your Jersey shore party. PLEASE TAKE PICS! XOXOXOX Cute presents too!

  4. Please post pictures from the party, your outfit is gonna be awesome!!

  5. I'm a new follower! Sounds like you are going to have a super fun weekend!

  6. Sounds like an awesome party!!!! So glad you liked your goodies!!!

  7. I have also never seen Jersey Shore and have no desire to start watching it! People are so obsessed with it! You must post pics of your poufed up hair!

    You got some fun stuff in the mail this week! Love the ET thank you cards.

    For about 5 minutes today, I entertained the idea of a trip to Paris this summer. Then I checked flights and realized it's way too expensive and I need to focus on paying down student loan debt. Sometimes I hate being a responsible adult. :P

  8. I love the note cards and I am a huge fan of Koozies. Have a great time at at BBQ. :)



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