Sunday, January 9, 2011

It Was the Perfect Saturday, Until...

I had quite possibly the perfect start to a Saturday.  Mark went to play golf with one of our friends, so my dad joined Beignet and me on a walk through our neighborhood and around Audubon Park while my mom went to Italian class.  It was a cold and crisp day but the sun was shining so brightly.  The park looked beautiful!!  So beautiful, in fact, that a movie production company chose it as the spot to set up base camp for a film they are filming here. I didn't spy and celebs, but it was fun to try!

The view of this fountain is my absolute favorite!

After our walk, my dad and I dropped Beignet off and went to the Hollygrove Market and Farm.  Please read more about it HERE!!!  It is a special place.  
There website says that "Since 2008, Hollygrove Market & Farm has worked to increase access of fresh, local produce to Hollygrove and the surrounding neighborhoods. Through our twice weekly produce market, community gardens, and mentor farmers we are able to provide residents with an affordable option for fresh, local produce as well as resources and space to cultivate their knowledge of growing healthy food."

I fell in love with the farm and market immediately, as did my dad.  He is an avid gardener, and I imagine the community garden being something he could take part in when he retires.  
At the market you have the option of buying process, herbs, dairy products, and meat individually, but you can also purchase a basket of pre-determined products for just $25.    Below is what came in this week's basket.

-Organic Grapefruit (1) (English Turn, LA)  

 -Satsumas (3) 
(Braithwaite, LA)

Green Onions (1 bunch) (Hungarian Stlmt., LA) 

-Strawberries (1.5 pints) (Hungarian Stlmt., LA)

-Cabbage (1 head) (Ponchatoula, LA)

-Broccoli (1 head) (Hungarian Stlmt., LA) 

-Shiitake Mushrooms (1 bag) (MS)

-Large Purple Top Turnips (2) (Ponchatoula, LA)

-Mustard Greens (1 bunch) (Garyville, LA)  

-Brown Jasmine Rice (1 bag) (Kinder, LA)

-Tomatoes (2) (Ponchatoula, LA)

-Organic LA Sweets (2) (English Turn, LA)

It was amazing to walk away from the market with a basket of beautiful produce grown just miles from the city.  I loved knowing that the food we would using this week was grown right here by our local farmers!

Of course, soon after we finished our shopping, we were ready to get to the most important part of our day - the Saints game.  And that's where things took a turn for the worse.  As you may know, our Saints failed to beat the Seattle Seahawks in their bid for a spot in the divisional round of the playoffs.  I can't say I wasn't disappointed.  Of course I was.  But for some reason, it also made me realize just how very lucky we were to experience last season.  There will never be another season like it.  It was truly a season of destiny.  I am not ready for our reign to be over, but I will also never forget how amazing it has been to be the World Champion New Orleans Saints!  

Bless You Boys!


  1. Last season was so great! I was quite sad that the Saints lost :(

  2. I was totally bummed about the game too. :( Love local produce!

  3. I love that you're back in NOLA cause now I get to have my NOLA fix! I use to live a few blocks from the park and it was the prettiest place to walk around. I also miss it being nice out enough to walk around outside this time of year. haha
    ps. that Saints loss was pretty sad...but we'll always have 2010!



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