Saturday, January 8, 2011

NY Resolution: Get Back to Blogging & Mardi Gras Party Photos

I have missed my daily routine of reading about is going on in your worlds and telling you a little about mine.  I had no idea how all consuming it would be to get settled after our move home.  We have been back a little over three months and living in our new house for two, and I think this is the first weekend that I have really felt "at home." We've been adjusting to new jobs, and new friends, and new commitments, and I think we're finally in a place where life is normal.  Which means - more blogging!!!!  YAY!!!

I thought I'd catch you up on a very fun party we had this week. This past Thursday, January 6th, Mark and I hosted a King Cakes and Kegerator party.  Why?  Because January 6th, or the Feast of the Epiphany, is the official start to the Carnival season.  Last year I posted all about the significance of this special day (read more HERE).   We had about 25 friends and family members over where we ate roast beef po-boys, various types of King Cakes (we had a Randazzo's plain, a Winn Dixie cream cheese filled, and a Rouses  strawberry cream cheese).  Mmmmm!  We also got to sample cold draft beer from Mark's new Krups Kegerator (which makes an AWESOME present!!!)!!!

Here's a few photos of our house all dressed up for Mardi Gras!

I'm proudly flying my Krewe of Muses flag!!!  We roll March 3rd!  You can read about my experience riding in the parade HERE!

Christmas wreath - down.  Purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras wreath - UP!!!!

Our Mardi Gras Tablescape - all supplies were purchased from Accent Annex

I love how the sprays SPARKLE!!!

And I thought this fun purple, green, and gold tinsel made the perfect vase filler.  Notice the lovely Ladies Ducal Pin at the center of the bow.  It features the crest of the Krewe that Mark has joined.  He rides the night after I do!  It's going to be a crazy Mardi Gras in our house!

Mardi Gras plates, knives, spoons, and forks!  How festive!!!

For the lucky few who "got the baby" in their slice of the King Cake, they went home with a new pair of Mardi Gras socks.  

We had such a great time welcoming in the 2011 Carnival season.  There's no time for the post-Christmas blues here when there's so much to do to get ready for another amazing Mardi Gras.  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!

It's good to be home, and even better to feel settled.  I can't wait to catch up on what all of you have been up to in the New Year.

I'm off to gear up for the Saints game.  Four hours to kickoff!  WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome! So glad that you're back home for Mardi Gras. I haven't been back in years for actual MG weekend. Might have to think about it this year!

  2. Your table looks amazing!!! What a fun time!! So glad y'all are home!!!

  3. I love a Mardi Gras party! The sparkly centerpiece is fantastic!

  4. I need a Mardi Gras breakdown! Haha! I woke up the other day to everyone in my complex but me having a mardi gras wreath up!!! I feel so behind! Glad you are all settled, I am hoping to be at that point soon, fingers crossed!

  5. Great decorations. And gives me ideas to decorate for Mardi Gras

  6. how fun! :D i can't believe it's been almost a year since my trip to new orleans. :O yay for getting all settled and more time for blogging! :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. I'm so excited for carnival. Bryan & I grabbed our lawn chairs, got some Popeyes and Mardi Gras Mash daiquiris and sat in Lee Circle until the Phunny Phorty Phellows passed us by. People were staring at us like we were CRAZY :) It was a hoot. Muses is by far my favorite parade, I'm so ready for March 3 :)

  8. Love the party decorations! Enjoy Mardi Gras season!



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