Friday, May 8, 2009

Four on Fridays

Between the middle of April and the first of January my office closes at four o'clock on Friday. I know it's only an hour and a half, but I swear, I feel like I'm cheating the world when I lock the door behind me and drive out of our parking lot. It's like in this hour and a half, I'll accomplish all of the errands that couldn't wait until 5:30. I'll be able to go for that run that I imagine myself taking in my head. I'll pick up the last minute grocery items we need. I'll call my cell phone company to figure out why I can receive emails but can't respond. I'll do all the things I tell myself I'd do if I just had a few more hours in the day.

But in actuality, I know what I will do. I will check the mail and find in there my weekly escape into the magical world of celebrity gossip - People magazine. I will go upstairs and turn our a/c on low so that it's perfectly comfy when I'm snuggled up in a velvety blanket. I will open a cold Coke Zero and become consumed by the glitz and glamour of celebrity life. I can't tell you how incredibly relaxing this is.

It's totally foolish, I know. To be interested in these people who we actually know nothing about. Mark is constantly reminding me that I am a part of the problem of the multitude of garbage that flows daily from our televisions. And although I realize that it's true, I just can't help it. I justify it by saying that at least in People there are book reviews and music reviews and stories about brave and generous Americans. But let's be honest, I'm just in it for the gossip.

By the way, don't you ever wonder who "a source close to the family" is? I mean really - what gives. Can't they be a tiny bit more specific than that?


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