Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - The Bib

Are you thinking - she's finally caught baby fever? Well, I'm not talking about that kind of bib! I'm talking about bib necklaces. The first time I spotted one of these beautiful creations was at this year's Oscars. I just realized that that made it sound like I actually attended the Oscars (which would be a dream come true), but what I meant was I saw it while watching tireless footage of the Oscars on tv. You know where you wake up at 8:00 am and watch all day footage of E!. You watch the last four years of red carpet coverage and you learn about what is in the presenters' gift bags. You practice your acceptance speech because you know one day you'll be discovered in a mall and when you win the Oscar for your debut performance in a major motion picture you'll have to try to remember all the little people you want to thank. Ok, maybe that part is just something I do. Regardless, I love the Oscars! It might be my favorite day of the year!

Anyway, Amy Adam's bib necklace was a beautiful combination of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Her dress was amazing, but I couldn't stop looking at her necklace. It was one of those pieces you hoped would come out of the tv and fall on your lap. Spectacular! Here is a pic...

I just think that bib necklaces are the perfect piece of jewelry. Especially for summer when you're wearing simple strapless dresses. They draw attention up to your face and to your decolletage, which is a beautful part of any lady. They have a ton of options out there, but the one I fell in love with and purchased recently was this piece from Anthropologie...

I was at the store in New York and I had just placed a few things at the register when I saw this it on the girl who was checking me out (it was in a beautful sea green that is apparently no longer in stock). I couldn't believe I had missed this it when I was brousing through the jewelry section. Well, I couldn't leave without it! I have worn it several times and it is always complimented. I've put it with three different strappless dresses. I also think it would be great with white jeans and a simple white button down. I haven't been brave enough to wear it work though. I don't think the CPA world is ready for the bib necklace.

No matter where you wear it or what you wear it with, I am certain that the bib necklace will be a smashing success!

I want to thank the Academy (or really just Amy Adams) for making them a great trend for this spring.

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