Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - The Headband

I am obsessed with the show Gossip Girl. I would say it's a guilty pleasure, but the thing is - I don't feel guilty admitting it. At first, I thought it was the all girls private school connection that drew me in. Although Constance (the ficticious Upper East side prep school featured in the show) and my high school, Mount Carmel Academy, couldn't be more different, so I'm not sure that's it. I suppose the truth is it's the gossip, the glamour, and the fashion.

The most intriguing fashion trend to come out of this teen drama is the headband. It's intriguing to me because at my high school our uniform code was so rigid that a broken or out of place name tag got you a demerit. There really wasn't much you could do to infuse the duo of the white Peter Pan collar shirt and brown check skirt with personality or charm. So on any given day, you'd find 900 girls running (actually they'd be walking in quiet single file rows) through the halls of Mount Carmel with as many types of ribbons tied neatly in their hair. You'd find pink and blue gingham, pumkin orange and brown polka dots, and of course the classic big white bow. You'd have baseballs for the softball team and soccer balls for the soccer team. I suppose the biggest fashion statement you could make would be not to wear a bow at all.

I guess this is what I find interesting about Blair Waldorf and her managerie of headbands. In a place where the uniforms are couture and the handbags are Chanel, her headbands are what the creative directors at every fashion house from Fendi to J Crew
have copied. Because whether you're wearing a brown check skirt or a brown houndstooth suit, you want something that makes you feel a little bit special. And is there anything more
special than cream organza or pink chiffon?



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