Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fridays Five Favorite Things - Muses Shoes

I am up to my neck in glitter! Seriously it is all over our house - on the phone, on the remote control, on my forehead. Everywhere! I have mentioned before that I ride in a Mardi Gras parade - the Krewe of Muses. I received my bead order form about two weeks ago, and since then, I have not been able to control my excitement and anticipation for this year's parade! Seriously, I have already placed my bead order, confirmed our luncheon reservation at Galatoire's with my friend Traci, organized our makeup application (think fake eyelashes and glittery lips), and finished eight fabulously glittery shoes! Our parade is a tribute to all things girly. Our signature, and highly coveted throw, are personally designed and decorated shoes. We coat them in glitter and feathers, sequins and gems. I estimate I spend about an hour per shoe, and I make the maximum amount allowed per rider, 30 shoes. It is truly a labor of love, but when you see the look of excitement and joy on the face of the lucky recipient of one of these shoes, it makes it all worth it. I remember going to a friend of a friend's house once, and she had a glittery Muses show on a shelf in her china cabinet - right next to her Vera Wang crystal. They truly are a treasure. Here are a few of my favorites that I have made over the past five years...

1. The aquarium shoes- these are new this year. they are bright green shoes with ocean blue inside. They have a trim that looks like seaweed and little 3-d fish all over. I think the little parade go-ers will love these.

2. The daisy shoes - I just thought these were so playful. They were white sandals that I glittered in green and covered in daisies!3. The LSU shoes - these are new this year and I think will be a big hit with all the 'Tiga' fans! Geaux Tigers. They are yellow shoes accented in purple trim with cute, or should I say ferocious, tigers on them.

4. The Ruby Red Slippers - Each year I make a pair of ruby red slippers. Growing up my sister always wanted a pair of Dorothy's ruby red slippers, so these are for all the little girls just like her.

5. The US Navy shoes - last year we had a promotion party for Mark and the favor for all of our guests was a Mardi Gras bead with the Navy Emblem attached. I had several pairs left over, so I made Mark and his boss (who came to NOLA for her first Mardi Gras) a pair of Navy Muses shoes. I was so nervous that in the chaos of the crowd, Tracy wouldn't get the shoe, but she did, and it was a big hit!

With eight shoes done, I have 22 to go. I better get back to work!!!

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