Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Thought for Thursday - Do-Over

Maybe it's because the school year is upon us, but it seems everyone is brushing up on their professional qualifications these days. I spent today sitting through 8 hours of continuing professional education on assessing audit risk and professional issues updates. Bleck. Meanwhile my sister, the pastry chef, has also been attending some continuing education. The difference between us, I learned that detection risk is very important, and Stephanie learned how to fill dark chocolate with a gooey coffee filling. What sounds better to you??

I sat through the class today thinking about a blogger I am following (Knitting Yarns) who asked the following question recently, "if you could start college all over again, would you change majors?" Interesting question, especially when you are trying your best to tune out your instructor with any thought not related to auditing. The pragmatic part of me says, "Even if you want to own a pastry shop with your sister down the line, an accounting degree will be really worthwhile in helping to run a business. Stick to accounting." The dreamer in me says, "Heck yeah I'd change majors."

I would love to do graphic design or marketing or tourism management. While we're at it, my dream job would be to host Sportscenter, so maybe I should have been a broadcast journalism major. The possibilities are endless! Or are they? I really want to be like Julia Child and start over at 40 - do what I love to do, you know. But have we outgrown a chance to do something other than what we are doing now? Can you actually go back (or maybe forward) and change things? And if you could, would you?

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  1. I find Julia Child's story so inspiring. I mean, the woman could barely boil a potato at the age of 35 and then she went on to become a legends.

    So really, we can all re-create ourselves if we have the passion & persistence to do so.

    I would definitely frequent your pasty shop if you make that dream a reality. :)



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