Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - Ruffles

Is there anything more girlie than ruffles? Layers and layers of them! For me ruffles are like ice cream or frosting - super sweet and I can't ever get enough. From tops to accessories to coats and to shoes, this fall you can layer yourself in ruffles from head to toe. Can there ever really be too much of a good thing?

Hmmmm, come to think about it, too much frosting gives me quite a headache. Once at Stephanie Vega's birthday party in the sixth grade, she had a cookie cake that was in the shape of a pizza and had all of this frosting on it that looked like sauce and cheese and toppings. It sounds weird now, but at the time I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. And after a "slice" topped with WAYYYY too much frosting pepperoni, I felt like I was dying. So maybe you should just take it one ruffly piece at a time! Here are a few of my favorites this fall...

I just love this ruffled scarf from Anthropologie. With a white tee and worn in jeans - casual perfection!

I still don't have a pair yet, but of all the booties out there, I think these are really fun.

Also at Anthropologie is this adorable white button down - the perfect way to change up a classic look.

I saw this piece on and it quickly became my "if we won the lottery" pick. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?? I mean the coat is named "Darling" - I think it was made just for me (the me who won the lottery and lived in a place where I wore a coat more than five times a year!).

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  1. I love ruffles, too. I don't think I will EVER grow out of them, either! I'll probably be 80 and still rocking a ruffled scarf! (I hope!)



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