Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - The Tube Scarf

So, I stepped outside this morning and was surprised by how beautiful the weather is. It's cool and crisp outside, and if I didn't know better, I'd say fall was here. Now, I know this is just an aberration, so I won't start pulling my winter sweaters out of the attic just yet, but I might start thinking about my favorite trend for fall. The tube scarf!
As much as I love summer summer fashion - bright colors, cool fabrics - there is something about winter wear that I find so sophisticated. I love the look of dark denim and a black turtleneck wrapped in a beautiful camel colored wool coat topped off with a Burberry signature print scarf. Add a wool cap, and you have the perfect winter outfit. I only know this because two Thanksgivings ago I wore this outfit to go birthday gift shopping on Fifth Avenue in NYC. I have to edit the outfit I just described a bit to include a black swing jacket and legwarmers over skinny dark denim, but you get the picture. I tend to go overboard when dressing for New York! To my delight, when we walked into the gorgeous Louis Vuitton store on Fifth, the lovely gentleman who assisted us told me, "Well look at you. You look fabulous - so European." I don't know if he knew, but that was the sweetest thing he could have ever said to a little Southern girl pretending to know how to put together the perfect winter look.

We're headed back to NYC for another storybook Thanksgiving, and I think I already have my outfit put together. But this year, it will hopefully include (big hint to Mark on this one) a Burberry tube scarf. They are calling them "snoods." (Apparently no reference intended to the computer game that caused my second semester GPA to plummet at Loyola). They are simple and they are perfect! Instead of clumsily winding all three feet of the wool tightly around your neck, this scarf is pulled over and piles gracefully around you. Pair it with a simple tee and throw on a jacket and you're set to go. It's an easy and sophisticated trend that will surely have the shop boys in Manhattan thinking you're fabulous. (I'm still glowing from that complement, can you tell!!).

If it looks this good on her, imagine how cute it would be on you!!

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