Thursday, September 17, 2009

Set Your Tivos

Ok - it's finally here! My sister will be on the Food Network tomorrow night at 10:00pm EST! She and the sous chef from Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse will be representing New Orleans on Chefs v. City. We have been looking forward to this big night since we first found out in March that they'd be auditioning!

I'm so excited, that we will be having a screening party tomorrow night! Can't wait. We're having roast beef po-boys to represent New Orleans and a choice of several desserts to represent all the great pastry chefs out there! We're having, pecan sandies, chocolate chip toffee bars with a chocolate ganache topping, creamy lemonade pie, and frozen chocolate peanut butter banana loaf. Mmmmm...

Hungry yet?


  1. Can I just say YUM?

    I have my TIVO all set. You must be so proud of your sister! I can't wait to watch it! It will be fun to see her on tv and also to learn more about the cuisine of New Orleans!!

  2. Yes, I am hungry! And I am trying to save up for the big screening party!!!



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