Monday, May 10, 2010

Bonjour Mon Ami - A Paris Planning Update

I simply cannot believe that in two weeks, Mark and I will be strolling down the Rue du Rivoli in Paris. It is going to be a dream come true!!

We have been finalizing a few last minute details which we could not have done without the help of the amazing staff at the Hotel des Grands Hommes. From the moment we emailed them with our interest of staying at their charming hotel near the Pantheon, they have been warm and friendly.

They have sweetly accomodated our request for a room with a balcony.
I envision having coffee and croissants on the balcony every morning.

They have also assisted in getting us reservations for dinner at Josephine "Chez Dumonet" and at La Truffiere for our final meal in Paris. And they have never complained when the only French I can write is Bonjour, Au Revoir, and Merci Beaucoup.

Image of the entrance to Le Truffiere

And since we aren't staying at the Hotel Plaza Athenee (where Carrie Bradshaw lived in SATC), we decided our first lunch in Paris would include a Croque Monsieur from the hotel's sidewalk cafe, La Terrasse Montaigne.

Do you have any last minute recommendations for us?  We'd love to add them to our must see list!


  1. I am not talking to you anymore. I am leaving your blog in a huff, and I might leave a green streak behind. Uhhhhhh jealous.
    Hint=don't eat pork while you are there, they don't cook it as much as we do and they have a tolerance for it that we don't. Makes you frow up uncontrollably. Now before I leaved pissed, I must tell you I love you, and I am so excited for you. Now I'm huffing off!

  2. So exciting! This is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

    My only recommendation is having at least one morning or afternoon free to wander around or sip coffee or wine on the patio of a restaurant and just enjoy the city, sans itinerary.

    You guys are going to have an absolutely blast.

  3. I'm certain you'll have a fabulous time!! The Plaza Athenee restaurants are fantastic! I believe they're all 5-star restaurants.. You'll probably catch some paparazzi outside! Make sure to try one of their desserts ;)

    Btw; "bonjour", "au revoir", and "merci" will get you far in France! Maybe "pour deux" (for two).

  4. Eat crepes! Lots and lots of crepes! They have them all warm and wonderful via sidewalk vendors with nutella and I swear to you they are to die for. Also, there is fresh bread everywhere! Buy some bread and cheese and have a picnic down by the Seine. Oh you will love it!

  5. Y'all are going to have the best time. Definitely make a point to relax and enjoy a picnic on the banks of the Seine. Cannot wait to see all of your photos - you better take so many! :)

    P.S. I'm giving you a shout-out tomorrow on my post, for giving me an award.

  6. Ooo I'm jealous! Have a brilliant time! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures!


  7. sounds absolutely amazing! take tons of pictures :)

  8. I am not sure if you enjoy reading much- But check out this book... it is a novel, not too long- but oh so good... I would LOVE to go to Paris and follow these two ladies footsteps.
    ~Robin Jones Gunn- Sisterchicks say Oh La La
    It is a great book...Hope you have a great trip.
    **Check out this website... it might help with phrases while there

  9. Oh what funnn!!! I loooooove Paris. Please eat one too many macarones for me! They just taste better in France. :) Xoxo-BLC

  10. enjoy your lovely trip! i've never been to paris, so i have no suggestions; only to try to stay in the moment and enjoy. take lots of pictures, and maybe even keep a travel journal so you can reminisce in the years to come ...


  11. Take me with!!! Def keep an afternoon open to do some free exploring. I also loved the fat tire bike tour at night! So much fun riding thru the streets!

  12. JEALOUS! Y'all are going to have a BLAST!

  13. I'm so jealous. I'll be living vicariously through you.

  14. I can't even tell you how jealous I am. That is SO awesome lady!

  15. sigh... I have to wait two more years before I can go back... LOL

    If you haven't already, take a seine cruise on the bateaux mouches- do it right before dark so you can see them light up the Eiffel tower! so romantic!

    Ohhh- the Paris Museum Pass is a great deal to have- you can buy it at the Louvre downstairs- you get into a ton of museums and sites with it and you can skip lines. Comes in handy if you really have to use the bathroom, too- because there is a site that is on the pass literally on every corner!

    Sainte Chapelle is the most BEAUTIFUL site I have ever seen. YOu must check it out. Plus, there are fleur de lis on the floors, columns, etc. It is gorgeous. and entrance into Sainte Chapelle is included in that pass...

    hmmmm what else-

    Great, yummy macarons at Stohrer. It is on the Rue Montorgueil, in the 2nd Arrondissement. Rue Montorgueil is a great market street with all sorts of great fruit, meat, wine, cheese, etc. shops. We shopped there for daily picnics and such. If you can, go there or to the other market on Rue Cler and get some food for a picnic and sit on the bank of the seine... or there is an area I think in the 7th arr. that has a great view of the Eiffel Tower while you eat.

    Do you have plans to go to Montmartre? We went on a Sunday and there were musicians on the steps of Sacre Coeur. We sat up there and watched them and people all afternoon until sunset and we watched the sun set over Paris. So beautiful!

    I could ramble on and on... since I can't wait to get back. LOL

  16. oh- and here's a blog post I did about Sainte Chapelle

  17. Hi Honey!! LOLing of course at Bumpkin's comment, she is too funny. I am a little huffy to in a cutesy jealous way, but even more am just so darn super excited for you two, what a well deserved treat this trip is going to be! It all sounds so fabulous and dreamy, please promise me you will take no less than 300 pictures a day! Bring extra memory cards! Love you! xox

  18. How amazing!! I am dying to visit Paris and it sounds like you have planned a fabulous itinerary. Think I could fit in one of your suitcases?

  19. I am so bookmarking this post for future dream trip planning sessions! Have an amazing trip :)



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