Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tasty Tuesdays: Blueberry Lemonade Mojitos

There is nothing like the taste of produce fresh of a farm.  Here in SC, we have been lucky enough to find amongst our friends and co-workers several family farmers.  Some have farms that exist for the sole purpose of feeding their love for the Earth, while some have farms that exist to feed their families.  Either way, I appreciate the love and care and sacrifice that goes into growing the tasty treats we have handed to us throughout the harvest season.  Often you will find our kitchen filled with tomatoes, watermelons, blueberries, lemons, grapefruits, summer squash. 

One such farm, Coosaw Farms, is that of our friend Brad.  Have you every tasted a blueberry muffin studded with blueberries so fresh, plump, and sweet that you are convinced they're really candy?  That is what you get when you eat Coosaw Farms blueberries.  They are divine!  We were able to get them at the commissary last year, and I thanked the manager for supporting our local farmers.  If you're in the area (GA, SC, NC) and you see this lovely label, pick up a pint and enjoy the tastiest blueberries you'll ever try.  Make sure to tell the cashier or produce manager how much you enjoy having local finds at your fingertips!

When life hands you lemons and blueberries, make blueberry lemonade mojitos!
These are some seriously tasty drinks!  The original recipe (listed below - see italic notes for the blueberry version) did not call for blueberries, but why not throw some in for added color and flavor!
Lemonade Mojito
Serves 20

Mint leaves (bunch)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
5 cups club soda
4 cups vodka (I use Stoli Blueberry)
4 cups fresh lemon juice
½ cup superfine sugar
Pint or two of blueberries
First, prepare sugar syrup: Heat the first cup of sugar and water over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon until sugar has dissolved. Stop stirring and increase heat to medium. Simmer 2 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool; refrigerate 2 hours before using.

In a large bowl, muddle ½ cup mint leaves with the sugar syrup. Add blueberries and continue muddling until blueberries have changed the color of the sugar mixture to a light purple hue.  Stir in club soda, vodka, fresh lemon juice and additional ½ cup superfine sugar. Chill.

Pour into ice-filled pitchers with lemon rounds and mint sprigs; serve in tall glasses

What's your favorite use for blueberries??


  1. No doubt- My favorite is homemade blueberry sauce over waffles with piles and piles of fresh berries of all kinds. When I say, "homemade", I mean heated blueberries over a stovetop with a little sugar and maybe some flour/cornstarch for thickening. Not complicated but better than store-bought blueberry syrup.
    It makes for a very good weekend when I get this for breakfast!

  2. Sounds SO good! I just have to get my hands on some fresh mint. My mint plants died in the "cold" winter.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out for Brad's blueberries! And I have some at home for you if you can swing by in the next day or two! I could definitely use a mojito with all this packing I have been doing...ugh!

  4. That mojito looks amazing!!! I completely agree about fresh fruit and produce- nothing beats it! My dad's a farmer and I grew up with fresh everything and now it's so hard to buy tomatoes, apples, grapes, etc from the grocery store. I love going to visit them and having fresh salads with everything straight out of the garden.


  5. I need to file this one away for future use this summer!

    I love blueberries on my cereal. Or as an afternoon snack! I don't have any recipes that I use them in, though!

  6. YUM!!! Great recipe! I love lemonade, blueberries AND mojitos so I am really looking forward to making these!

    I haven't done much with blueberries...I like them in my oatmeal!! I might try a blueberry frosting for my buttermilk cupcakes!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  7. These sounds fabulous, and perfect for Memorial Day, as we have all the fresh blueberries you can pick right now. I love this....I can not wait for the next supper club post. Ready for Sunday, don't you worry. I am so jealous!

  8. This sound yum yum! Very refreshing, perfect for the hot summer!

  9. I love farmers food! It's made with such care and love, and I believe that it really makes a difference.

    Lemonade & blueberry mojitos sounds fantastic! Mango mojitos are among one of my favorite drinks, so I'm sure I'll love this!

    ♥ Daniëlle

  10. I love mojitos. So refreshing! And blueberry lemon sounds soo good.

  11. Blueberry lemonade mojitos???! Yummmmmy! I love mojitos and this sounds absolutely sinful!

  12. I need one of those right about now:)

  13. I know I'm not usually for stating a simple comment, but all I have to say is YUM!

  14. Ummm, is it okay if I run to the store in this thunder storm to get the ingredients to make this RIGHT NOW?! It sounds divine and will transport me to the beach :)

  15. I second the deliciousness of the Coosaw Farms blueberries! I couldn't get enough of them last year and the Pig down the street carried them. Thad said I was going to turn into a blueberry!

  16. Mmm, I LOVE mojitos (AND blueberries), and that sounds sooo delish!! )



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