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Trendy Wednesday: La Belle Parisienne

Happy Trendy Wednesday All!

I'm Trish, from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover! As a fellow Louisiana baby, and Cajun Belle myself, when our sweetheart Jen asked me to guest post for her, I immediately accepted!

While Jen and Mark are off hand-in-hand, strolling the streets of glorious Paris, I am happy to be stepping in to bring you Trendy Wednesday this week. So many things that Jen and I love about New Orleans are present in Paris as well, on an even larger scale:  the Grand architecture, Rich culture, Historic landmarks, Dining that is second to none, and Entertainment in more places than you could imagine. I know they are having a blast, making memories they will cherish for a lifetime, and hopefully taking hundreds of pictures to share with us when they get home!

Those of you who know me, know I have a passion for pink and beautiful things.  What you might not know is that my degree in college was in Fashion Merchandising.  I was very fortunate to live abroad for approximately eight months as a student at the London College of Fashion. When I was accepted into the program, I discovered part of the curriculum included a four week stay in Paris.  I had studied French since I was a young girl, and was even President of Le Cercle Français in high school!  The opportunity to study Fashion in Paris was going to be a dream come true...and it truly was. I fell head over heels in love with everything about Paris, and look forward with great anticipation to the day I can return with my own darling husband.

When Jen started planning her trip to Paris, she asked us readers for our suggestions on must-visit places. I knew being a foodie she would seek out the finest in gastronomical delights, and would no doubt visit all of the fabulous historical monuments and museums, so where could I possibly help?  Of course, SHOPPING! There are a plethora of haute couture boutiques, delightful department stores and quirky contemporary is truly a shopaholic's paradise!

My very favorite store in Paris, and most appropriate for Trendy Wednesday, is the designer concept shop Colette. Opened in March 1997, Colette has been the quintessential stop for fashion and design enthusiasts visiting Paris. The ingredients that make this store so widely acclaimed: one part high-end fashion, one part cutting edge technology design, a splash of the most luxurious beauty products, and a pinch of the latest media.  Mix together on Paris' ever so posh Rue Saint-Honoré, and you have one of the world's most celebrated boutiques.

For Trendy Wednesday, here are my favorites from Colette, styled as I would wear them on the gorgeous streets of La Ville-lumière:

Lanvin dress, Tabitha Simmons shoes, Balmain clutch

Erdem dress, Sergio Rossi shoes, Roger Vivier clutch

Viktor & Rolf dress, Valentino shoes, Valentino clutch

Lanvin dress, Gaultier shoes, Roger Vivier clutch

Viktor & Rolf dress, Brian Atwood shoes, Valentino bag


What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Please share!


Those of you who follow me, know my Wordless Wednesday posts. (Remember this one from Paris?)

It just wouldn't be Wednesday without one of these posts for me, so without further ado, inspired by La Belle Parisienne, please enjoy:

Is it obvious how in love with Paris I am too?  If you like what you've seen, please come follow along, we have a lot of fun over in my little pink corner of the world!

Thank you for letting me make myself at home with your loyal readers, Jen!  Enjoy every fabulously French moment, drink it all in, as I told you, I can't wait to see Paris through your eyes. 

We miss you bunches!


 (Fashion images via Colette; All others via)


  1. Oh my God, those Colette dresses are stunning! I would die to get those first two pictured. Gorgeous!

  2. Ha ha...keep calm and spend more. Fashion merchandising huh Trish? Me too. This post was lots of fun and makes me want to go shopping.

  3. Trish, you are so sweet to guest blog for Jen! I know she would be thrilled to see this! The ensembles you put together are stunning, and any images with Louis V and macaroons - LOVE!

  4. Oh my gosh, fabulous post. Be still my heart. As a fellow Paris lover, this post makes me ache for a return trip to Paris.

    it's hard to pick a favorite ensemble, but if I had to choose, maybe I'd pick the Lanvin dress? But they are all fabulous.

    This makes me want to purchase a one way ticket to Paris...

  5. Love it! And I'm so jealous you got to study abroad! When I was in undergrad I worked for the Dean of Undergraduate studies and a big part of my job was coordinating all the study abroad programs. I spent four years telling other people how fabulous all our study abroad options were, doing presentations on them, hearing stories about them from returning students, but my biochemistry curriculum was just too packed with required courses for me to fit in a semester anywhere else....

    And you lucky duck got to go to both London and Paris? Sweet girl what a fabulous time you must've had! Great post Trishy! :)

  6. Lovely post, Trish. You always find the best pictures to post. I adore the Valentino clutch. I must have it! And thank you, Jen, for asking one of my all time favorite bloggers to guest post for you. I hope you're having a great time in Paris!

  7. Trish, this is as genius as always. I loved the revisit to your Wordless Wednesday post about Paris, and your Trendy Wednesday picks are absolutely flawless. The draping on that Lanvin dress is positively amazing.
    xxoo Josie

  8. ummmmmm Lethal Chanel! Uhhhhh.....Stop it with the LV, I am saving for Lilly, not LV! Stop it right now, you and Slumber Designs Jen, really have to stop it! I am not an LV girl, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!
    Within this post, I was schooled a bit! Designers I've never heard of. What? Can you believe it? I might just have to start following you on mysterious Lilly Lady! Love you, Love shoes! Fabulous Post! I will be here awhile stealing pictures.

  9. Trish, wonderful post!! I just love all these pictures. Those outfits you have shared are pure fabulous! I especially love the first striped Lanvin dress. Sooo pretty!

  10. Oh Trish, this is all too wonderful! I'm in heaven looking at these pictures! And I heart Colette too.

  11. Great post Trish! Makes me want to hop on a plane for Paris ASAP!

  12. Oh my goodness - you studied fashion in London and Paris?!?! I am TRES jealous! I share your love of Paris, and those photos make my little heart go pitter-patter. And those outfits? *Swoon!* I have the itch to get all dolled up in any one of those ensembles...

  13. Can I just take a week and wear them ALL? I'm especially swooning over the striped Lanvin!

  14. TRISH!! This post makes me swoon! There are so many goodies, I don't know where to begin! We went to Colette today, and it was like being in a museum. I saw all of the shoes you showed here, and they were tres chic! I will be revisiting this post every time I find myself missing Paris!

  15. Hey sweetheart! Hard to believe it's been a year! Of course reading it back and seeing Lisa's comment made me smile and tear a bit. Love you and can't wait to see you again VERY SOON! Hopefully we can try to see each other this weekend. I need to hug and congratulate you in person! Mwah! xoxo



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