Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trendy Wednesday - Black and White Stripes

As you might imagine, the closer our trip to Paris gets, the more excited I become about heading off to the city of lights!  It's really all I can think about.  And when I think of Paris, I think of the Eiffel Tour, beautiful foot bridges, cobblestone roads, macarons, double cream brie, toasty baguettes, adorable berets, the sounds of an accordion, and last but not least, black and white stripes.  I have the cutest little black and white stripe top that I wore with skinny black pants, a beret, and Chanel earrings to a Cotes du Rhone wine club where I took home the prize for "Best French Inspired Outfit."  Perhaps that's just my silly American vision of French fashion, but in ode to a classic pattern, I thought today I'd feature some great black and white striped looks.

BCBG Striped Contrast Dress
I love the simple jersey top with the layers in the skirt.

Remain Crisscross Back Stripe Top
I love a top that is unassuming in the front, and then you turn around and say, "Wow!"

Shoulder Peak Striped Dress
Puffy sleeves!!!  This dress is so cute and could be paired with leggings and booties in the fall.

I'm not a two piece wearer, but if I was - this would be my go to suit!

I love glasses that make a statement.  These are fantastic!

L.A.M.B. - you've done it again.  These might be the greatest shoes I have seen this summer. 
Do you where a lot of black and white?  If you do, what your favorite punch of color to mix in? 


  1. I wear way too much black. It's my go to color and I always feel slimmer in it!! All of your choices look so french!!!! Love it! That bathing suit is so pretty!! I'm so excited for you going to Paris! That's going to be amazing!!! :)

  2. you need to get the puffy sleeves dress! i will, if you do! xoxo

  3. I love the criss cross back shirt, that is too cute! And those shoes! If I add a punch of color it's usually turquoise, kelly green, or yellow.

  4. Love this - I'm actually headed to Paris & Lille for a week-long work trip towards the end of June & still haven't purchased a thing to wear! This post is certainly inspiring me though, thanks a million :-)

    p.s. On Glee a few weeks ago, one of my fav characters wore an absolutely adorable cardigan with sweet little Eiffel tower images all over it & a bow at the neckline... perfection! Too bad I can't find it anywhere else :-) Plus, I don't think I could wear it in Paris - they'd know I was a "tourist" for sure, ha!

  5. Such cute items! Love the glasses and swimsuit! I can't believe how fast your trip is coming up!

  6. I love them all! My fave is the 2nd top w/ the criss crossing straps in the back! Love it.

    I think b&w is such a wonderful combo. It's such a clean, classy look!

    You must be sure to take some photos of your outfits in Paris. i am sure you will fit right in since you have such great style! :)

  7. If you are just going for "the look" I wore a black and white striped dress to a bachlorette party this weekend that looked exactly like the one from BCBG and was only $20. (except it was a scoop neck instead of a v)

    Great post!

  8. Cute, cute! Don't know if I could pull off the tops but the shoes are so adorable! Great picks!

  9. I love black and white as much as I love color! Any punch of color works with black and white - red, turquoise, yellow, seriously any color! So excited for you about Paris! So jealous too! :)

  10. I heart black & white stripes too! I just bought a black & white striped sweater at H&M to wear at home, I love it! I'm eternally grateful to Miss Coco Chanel for introducing it to us.

    ♥ Daniëlle

  11. I'm leaving for France in two weeks. Hope you have fun!

  12. Hi sweet doll! Oh my can you stand the excitement and anticipation! I am sure you are dreaming of croissants and other French delicacies! These black and whites are amazing, I am obsessed with the criss cross back shirt, talk about business up front, party in the back HAH! The puffy sleeve dress is really cute - hopefully it would be flattering on, right? (Not accentuating the hips to much, ya know?!) That bikini is really super cute, love the neckline and the cut on the bikini bottoms. And YES you MUST consider a pair of those fabulous shoes, you could TOTALLY rock them! A big hug to you and Mark, get those bags out, it's PACKING TIME!! :) xoxoxo

  13. OMG, how cute are those specs?? Love them!

  14. I just bought a black and white shirt with ruffles on the shopping trip this past weekend.
    Love this post, very Parisian. I would be beside myself if I were you!

  15. So funny.....I tried on the criss cross back shirt today at Nordstrom and LOVED it!! I was staring in the mirror thinking....where have I seen this? :)



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