Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Carrie Bradshaw,

I should apologize for being unable to attend opening night of your newest movie.

You see, I'll be in Paris with my hubby.  You know how amazing that will be...

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the many lessons you shared with us girls over the past decade. Can you believe that, you were just a baby when this whole thing started.

You taught us that a girl is never too old for a tutu

Or a party dress that makes you feel like a princess

That being bold and different are qualities that might make people stop and stare, but being true to yourself is what matters most

That sometimes your home is what defines you

That happiness can be as simple as brunch outside on a pretty day

That a girl can never have too many accessories

But sometimes the best accessory is the man you love

And above all else, life is always sweeter surrounded by the warmth, smiles, and laughter of your dearest friends

What about you?  Are you excited about the movie?  What do you think about Aidan coming back into the picture?  Seeing the trailer, has a particular outfit caught your eye?


  1. When you posted about black/white earlier this week, I immediately thought of Carrie's outfit that she wears on the plane ride over to Paris. :)

    Yes, I am uber, uber excited for this movie to come out! I am going to it next Friday with a girlfriend, and will likely see it again the following week w/ another girlfriend. I absolutely CAN'T WAIT.

    I am nervous about Aidan returning... I loved him, but Carrie never really loved him like he should be loved. I just really love her & Big together; they fought so hard to get to where they are, I really hope she doesn't cheat (and I also read that he might cheat on her in London w/ Penelope Cruz).

    What a fabulous post, though. I love how I talk about these characters like they are real people! But SATC is totally therapy for me. When I am feeling down, I just pop in a season and my spirits are instantly lifted. There is alot of wisdom to gleam from that show.

  2. And holy moley that was a long winded comment....

  3. Love it and can't wait to see it! ~Andrea

  4. I have a few secret thoughts about the movie I will be sharing while you're gone. The black and white striped shirt with the rosette in Paris was one of my favorite SATC outfits. So French! My gosh do I hope you have so much fun, and takes lots of pictures to show us at the supper club in NO when you get here!

  5. Aren't you going to see it in Paris? Most Parisian movie theaters show it in English with French subtitles. I'm not jumping for joy about Aidan returning... I saw some extra scenes from the movie yesterday; loved the outfits!

  6. I love your blog and I’m following you now! This is a great post and I hope that you have a wonderful time in Paris. All of these Carrie images are making want to start watching the old seasons.

    I’m so looking forward to the new movie and love Carrie in the white Halston dress in the trailer. I cannot wait to see all of the fashion and fun!

  7. Oh, Jen I LOVE this post!! I can't wait for the movie!! I don't know what to think about Aidan coming back, it could be interesting! I love the white Halston dress and sparkly gold heels that we've seen so many times from the movie! I think the outfits that they rock when they go on their desert adventure look beautiful too! Oh, I simply can't WAIT!!

  8. I almost cried reading this! I'm feeling very emotional at the thought of the SATC gals getting older and potentially not being around forever... I'm so lame!

    I'm way too excited to see the film!

  9. SATC2 fever is all over blogland! I CANNOT wait for the movie and loved your stoll down Carrie Memory Lane with all of those pictures. Have a fabulous time in Paris with your husband - I am tres jealous, darling!

  10. Wow, what a perfectly written post! Cannot wait for SATC2 to hurry up and get here. I posted some outfits that I'm considering for the premiere for my Fashion Friday post. Yippee! Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris, and actually I've heard that Charlotte wears some Lilly in the film, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. :)

  11. Fabulous freaking post lady. I am so excited that I don't know how I'm going to wait another week. I would give up the flick or Paris though. HA!

  12. I am so excited about this movie coming out! I'm just sad that all of my girlfriends are 4 hours away and I'll have to go see it alone since I can't bribe my husband to go see it with me. Such is life..... Have a fabulous time in Paris! Bon voyage! :)

    Oh! And I've left you another award...stop by when you get the chance! :)

  13. Oh honey, Carrie would be so proud that you are in Paris with your true love! We will miss you lots next week but will all be secretly wishing we could sneak into your suitcase and come along for the journey!

    This post rocks just like you - images, story, everything, it's amazing how we've connected to these four fabulous ladies and how it relates to our own relationships! CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT!!! xoxoxox

  14. I am literally counting down the days! My friend just did a blog post and compared me to Miss Bradshaw - I told her I considered that the highest honor! Have fun in Pareeeee!



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