Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Days of Pinteresting Things

Because it has been a while since I have shared my favorite pins with you, I thought I'd do so today and tomorrow.  Today's pins will be kind of random, but tomorrow's will be all about my latest idea for Jane's first birthday party (yes, I realize she's only five months old, but I can't help myself!!). 

Here are today's collection of what I have found most pinteresting recently...
These wedges are perhaps the most fabulous shoes I have seen in a long time.  If anybody knows where I can find them, please let me know.  The pinterest source doesn't take you to a retail source, a fact which hurts me to my sole!

I really needed to be reminded of this this week.

The post that this pin links to is truly inspiring.  I cannot wait to turn 32 now just to copy this idea..

My hair is still a little short for this look, but as soon as it is long enough, I will be trying to make this happen!

This ombre tablescape makes me want to throw a very decadent dinner party where everyone wears cocktail attire and sips fancy dinner drinks like they do on Mad Men.

Can't wait to reveal the party theme tomorrow and see what you think. 

Found anything pinteresting lately?


  1. I also WANT those shoes! If you find the source please share. But.. I have a feeling they are not cheap.

  2. Hi...I saw a DSW commercial this weekend and those shoes, but in lime green, were part of the commercial. Perhaps they have the tan ones as well. Just sharing...have a wonderful day. Oh, and I love the Sugar Plum Fairy idea for the first birthday party! So cute!



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