Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

I know I should be posting a brilliant recap of our NYC trip, but I seriously can't think of anything other than the Saints game tonight. I mean, if you had asked me on 9/25/06 when the Saints re-opened the Dome after Katrina if there would ever be a MNF game bigger than that, I would have said you'd be crazy to think so. But here we are!!!! 11/30/09. We're 11-0 and facing the terrible tyrant, Bill Belichick, and his New England Patriots.

I want to win this game more than I have wanted to win any other game this year. I actually don't want to just beat the Pats, I want to crush them. I know this might be asking for too much, but I really want to show the American football audience what we Saints fans have been seeing all season - extraordinary play.

I so wish we would be home right now to absorb the excitement that has filled New Orleans by way of this game. You can feel it just by reading the countless articles, blogs, forums, etc. dedicated to the coverage of this game. Bobby Hebert has asked the Who Dat Nation to black out the Dome. And now our players have gotten involved in this campaign too twittering about how much they want a Superdome Black Out. You can feel their excitement too - it is literally tangible giddiness. And when I go to facebook, my screen is filled with status updates from saints fans! Everyone is just so ready to see the Saints and the city shine on Monday night. Some have started earlier than others. Per Saintsreport.som, their have been tailgaters hanging out near the Dome since early this morning. I see they have taken Drew Brees's advice and taken the day off to prepare themselves to make the Dome the loudest and most raucus place where football has ever been played. WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad sent me this just a minute ago, and it's too good not to share!!

Hurricane Who Dat has officially moved to a Category 10 . New Orleans's Saintoligist Sean Peyton predicts that it will make landfall in New Orleans Monday Night as a CATEGORY 11!The hurricane warning will remain in effect till Midnight Monday, while combinations of dangerously high touchdown passes and exceptional receptions continue.The strength of Hurricane Who Dat is expected to have long-lasting effects on the country, especially Louisiana and specifically New Orleans, even after winds have subsided.Sportscasters remain in good agreement; the models continue to predict touchdowns and interceptions in Who Dat's favor. Be warned, Patriots causalities are expected.Pass this along to all the members of Who Dat Nation that you know! Oh and don't forget to say your pledge… I pledge allegiance to the Saints of New Orleans, LA,And to the fans, for whom they play,One Who Dat Nation,Under Sean Peyton and Drew Brees,INVINCIBLE, With touchdowns and victories for all!

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