Monday, November 9, 2009

A Fall Photo Update (In reverse order)

With all the traveling we've been doing this fall, our camera was overloaded with pictures. It was so fun going through all of them and reliving all the fun we've had. I have to say, it was quite exhausting too! These early morning flight on Mondays have made me so sleepy. It will be so nice to spend the next few weekends here in Beaufort with our wonderful friends. I hope you enjoy catching up with us!
If you hadn't heard, our Saints are 8-0!!! Our section was going crazy yesterday after the big win. What a way to wrap up a perfect weekend.
Mark, me, Barnaby (my brother-in-law), and Alissa getting ready to dance all night at the Gold Mine. Is there a better bar anywhere in the world? I don't think there is!
My sister-in-law Alissa, my friend Jen, and me at the Gold Mine
Me and the beautiful bride, my sweet Delta Gamma little sister.
Mark and me at Jenny and Jeff's wedding.
It wouldn't be a wedding weekend in NOLA without a trip to
Tropical Isle for a Hand Grenade.
Me and Mark in the best section in the dome - Section 631!

Enjoying every minute of the MNF tailgating with the best Saints fans I know!
Birthday lunch at Maximo's with the family!
What a wonderful birthday brunch!
Me with my Hibiscus martini at Commanders. My sweet friends Lauren, Christie, and Margaret surprised my with a bday card and a bday drink all the way from Beaufort to NOLA!!

Devil with The Blue Dress On...

Opening my bday gifts!!
My friend Jenny, me, and my sis celebrating the win versus the Giants at Lucy's!
Me, my sister, and my friend Beth at her engagement party

Me and Mark at the Blues and BBQ Festival.


  1. OH MY!! What a VERY fun weekend!!! Did you run into my husband at Lucy's:) he loves that place.

  2. Wow you have had a fun fall! Love all the pics!! That brunch place looks so fun!!

  3. love the pics Jen!!! what a wonderful weekend in NOLA with Jenny's wedding & Saints game.. it was great hanging out!! Looking forward to February!!!! whoo hooooo!



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