Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridays Five Favorite Things - That I'm thankful for

  1. My hometown - I guess it goes without saying that I love New Orleans. You don't often think about being grateful for a place because it has been there before you and it will be there after you, but in our case, we learned that that's not always true. I am just so grateful for the fact that New Orleans is not just still standing, but it stands to become a hub of new ideas for education reform, health care reform, and social service reform. I am grateful to all of the people who were brave enough to see a future where this was possible.
  2. My team - I know we're supposed to be grateful for deep things this time of year, but I really am so thankful for the Saints. They have kept us connected to New Orleans while we live far away. They have taught us to keep fighting and keep believing, even if you're the only one who believes in you. They have kept a positive light shining down on that Superdome since the day it re-opened, and I am thankful for that.
  3. My friends - Beaufort wouldn't be the same place without our friends here. I feel so privileged to have been a part of their lives over the past three years. We have shared holidays, we have held babies, we have celebrated big birthdays, but we have also just shared the normal moments in life that are made special when you're surrounded with friends. I am so thankful for all of you! And I am thankful for my lifelong friends living all over the US who, with just one phone call, feel like they have never been closer. We have seen our lives change and grow and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us.
  4. My family - My family has grown exponentially this year with both of my brothers-in-law getting married. I feel like have truly gained two new sisters and their families as well. There is nothing in the world like family, and I am so thankful to be a part of mine. My mom and dad have always made every sacrifice so that my sister and me could find happiness. My sister is wonderful and caring and willing to pursue her dream, which I truly admire. My husband is the best part of me, and I am thankful every day that he chose me to share his life with. And our two doggies have been our sunshine over the past week. I can't imagine not having them both in our lives now. I realize that not everybody gets this lucky, and I am thankful I did.
  5. My Country - and the men and women who protect Her. There is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of these brave people. When I see a Marine in uniform heading to work or hear a fighter jet zipping past our house my thoughts immediately go to how lucky we are that those folks have chosen to sacrifice for our freedoms. There is truly no way to express the gratitude I feel for them, but I hope they know we never stop thinking of them, and we are always proud of them.


  1. We have so much to be thankful for! Great post! I hope to some day visit New Orleans so I can get to know the city that holds such a special place in your heart!



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