Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Addition

Late last week, our office manager sent out an email with the subject "This Doggie Needs a Home." Never in my whole life have I been tempted to open an email like that and decide that we would make the perfect parents for another dog. But, I opened the email and saw the sweetest little face I'd ever seen. "Puppy" had appeared on the steps of a little shop in our town and after a great effort to find her parents, the shopkeeper concluded that "Puppy" had been abandoned. The shopkeeper loved "Puppy" but was not sure they wanted to keep her. I sent the email to Mark, and at first he thought I was crazy. The more and more we talked about it, the more we started thinking that maybe we should just take the plunge. I woke up Friday and told Mark I wanted to adopt the puppy and name her Beignet. So Saturday she came over to meet the current master of our house, our almost 16 year old Jack Russell, Annie. They seemed to get along well, and Beignet was just too cute not to fall in love with. She really is just the sweetest little thing who loves to play and cuddle and jump. We aren't sure exactly what we're getting into, but we've decided we're up to the challenge of crate training and managing separation anxiety. If you could see her face you would just melt!

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