Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, we had a lovely Beaufort weekend! Friday, we met some friends over at Maggie's Pub, a great little place in our neighborhood, for a glass of wine after work. It was the perfect way to start our weekend. After that, Mark and I had some dinner and went on a wild goose chase for the DVD of Bye Bye Birdie. They didn't carry it anywhere so we watched Twilight instead. Not bad!

Saturday, I decided I would not let my personal training sessions go to waste, so Mark and I ran with the puppy. I ran for ten minutes straight, which is a huge step for me. Then I did five and then another ten followed by one more five minute run. Thirty minutes in all!! I felt so accomplished!

Saturday night we went to a great bday party for a friend. It was at a beautiful spot overlooking the water. It was here where we watched a painful last ditch effort by LSU to try to beat Ole Miss. There's always next year! We headed home to a little surprise Mark had cooked up - he ordered Birdie off I-tunes and we watched it together. Fabulous!

Sunday we went to the Christening of our friends Margaret and Ben's new baby, Whitt. It was a beautiful service and a lovely reception, too!

I tried my best to keep from praying for the Saints at the service as I am learning that is not the kind of thing we are supposed to ask God for. Turns out, they didn't need my help at all! Even with all of our injuries, we crushed the Bucs to move to 10-0! I feel like I am dreaming! I really do. I wake up Monday morning and want to jump out of bed to turn on ESPN just to hear them gush over our team! Who Dat boys!!!

After soaking in our win, Mark helped me organize my closet and put away my summer stuff. Now instead of cute little cotton dresses, it is filled with wool sweaters. It was a good thing too, because it got chilly here yesterday. With a clean closet, I was able to get all of my NYC packing done. Everything fit into one tiny rolling bag. Yay! No baggage claim!

Last but not least, I went with a few girls to see New Moon. I haven't read the books, so I think I have missed the boat on the Twilight hysteria, but I did enjoy the movie. Hmmmm... Team Edward or Team Jacob? I can't decide, can you?

All right, off to start a very short week!

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