Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's the BIG Day

Oh, and it's also my birthday. But that has taken a backseat to the Saints/Falcons game tonight. I cannot begin to describe to you the electricity in the air here. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before as a Saints fan. It is different than the great feelings of three years ago when the Saints re-opened the Dome. That was a feeling of pure joy and relief and redemption. It is different than the feeling on the day of the Saints/Eagles playoff game when the city was buzzing with hope and gratitude that out team was playing better than they actually were. Riding a wave of hope, they were a team of destiny. But today feels different. Today feels like we have finally arrived as the team to beat in the NFL. And as exciting as those other games were, no one expected greatness, we were just grateful to see glimpses of it. The 2009 team we are watching tonight is a team like we have never seen before. They are complete in every aspect of the game. They are exciting and energetic, but more than anything, they are just damn good.

It makes this day so special. Our friend's law firm is having black and gold day where they all get to go to work in their Saints apparel. Our other friend's law firm closed for the day so that everyone could spend the day tailgating with their families. Everywhere you go people are talking about this team and how they really believe that this is our year. And for the first time people feel like this season isn't the product of luck or hope or good karma, it's the product of hard work, determination, talent, and greatness. So here's to tonight. I can only imagine how insane the Dome will be. I feel so lucky to be in the number who will see this game from Section 631.

Can I get a WHO DAT?!?!


  1. I am originally from Mamou, LA and I know what it feels like to LOVE LA. Hope you are having a great birthday and go SAINTS!



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