Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Thanksgiving

Well, we have been in NYC for a day now and it has been fantastic. We have eaten at Les Halles and had cocoa at Mariebelle. We have walked through Midtown and the Village and Soho. It has been just magical already. And while doing all of this, we have been surrounded by and welcomed by our family. And I can't help thinking about the definition of family. My first thought when I think of family is most certainly my amazing parents and my wonderful sister. They are after all, the people who have raised me and known me for my entire life. They are the best examples of parents and siblings that you could ever ask for. But I have learned that there are so many definitions of family. The Allens, for instance, have been such an amazing addition to my life. They have always made me feel like I am a part of their family. In an instant, I had three brothers and an amazing mother and father-in-law. I had new cousins and aunts and uncles from Los Angeles to Boston (even if they are Patriots fans).

Our dear friends have taken us into their homes and shared their lives with us. They have celebrated our birthdays, they have opened their homes for us over Thanksgivings and Easters, they have allowed us to celebrate the births of their children. They are our family as well. Whether they live in Beaufort or Dallas, New York, DC, or New Orleans, they are our family!

And in the last year, we have added new members to our ever growing family. We have two new sisters-in-law and their amazing and gracious and wonderful families. Knowing them and getting to know their families has made this year one of the most special. They are all such amazing people, and I am so glad we were brought together through Barnaby and Gabe. These girls are just the best, and I am so glad they are my family.

So as we are thinking of things to be thankful for, I would like to say thank you to all my family. whether it is the people I have known all along, or the ones who have recently come into my life, I am a better person for having known you.

And to my hubby, I am thankful everyday that you picked me. What would my life be like without you? I am truly the luckiest girl in the whole wide world to wake up everyday with you at my side.

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  1. Enjoy every minute in NYC! I can't wait to go back! Give Alissa a hug for me!!!



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