Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend!!

My birthday weekend has already gotten off to a great start! Mark left the house before me this morning, and he was making quite a racket, but I just figured he was making his coffee, etc. Well, when I opened our bedroom door, and he had a ton of balloons waiting for me and had hung up a Happy Birthday banner! So sweet!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we fly home! I am looking forward to flying on Halloween to see if there are any travelers in costume. Should be interesting. We are going to Voodoo Music Festival Saturday and will be capping off our Halloween with a late night outdoor performance by KISS!! How cool is that!

Sunday we will be heading to my favorite place - Commander's Palace - for the world's greatest brunch. I love how celebratory Commander's feels. There's balloons on all of the tables at brunch and the jazz band that strolls through the restaurant is wonderful. I cannot wait to be there!

And of course, there's Monday - the actual day! We will be having lunch with my family and then strolling around the Quarter to soak up all of the energy and excitement that is in the air with our undefeated Saints playing on Monday Night Football! A MNF game versus the Falcons is always exciting, but the thought of beating them to go 7-0 is just too much to take in. I've been listening to interviews on NFL radio all week, and the Falcons' players have said they are preparing to play in a very noisy, very hostile environment. Saints fans - we need to bring it. I hope you all tune in to see just how excited this city is about our team. Since 2006 it has always felt that they play for us and for the city, not for themselves. It is truly an amazing team to watch play football. The best gift ever would be a Saints victory on Monday night!!


  1. What a fun birthday weekend! And how awful that MNF falls on your birthday! I hope they give you a win - that would be the best gift!

    Enjoy every minute of this weekend!

    And that brunch place sounds awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! What an awesome weekend to be in town!! Have fun at the game, my sister took off the entire day to tailgate:) it is going to be sooo fun, wish I was going to brunch today....



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