Thursday, February 4, 2010

Krewe of Muses - ONE WEEK AND COUNTING!!!!

I really wish I could show you all of the fabulous beads we have to throw at this year's parade!  They are sooooo amazing!!!  I really don't know how the theme committee and bead committee do it.  Each year our throws are more creative and more exciting than the year before!  Speaking of, I thought I'd share some pictures of our throws from the past few years.

It's very hard to see the details of these beads (sorry!), but they are a few of our "light-up" throws.  The first is a fiber optic bead that lights up in different patterns.  The second is a light-up heart pendant.  The last one is a bottle opener/flashlight combo!  This way you can open your favorite beverage any time of night!

You got that right!  We brought back the slap bracelet.  And this one lights up too!

This pair of glass beads was a tribute to the parades of days gone by when glass beads were all that were thrown.

And now for the girly fun beads!  First is a pink heart pendant filled with pink lipgloss!  The second treat  is a Muses powder puff that splashed pretty silver glittery powder on you when you applied it.  The last throw is a lovely silver and pink stretch Muses headband.

This crowd pleaser is an annual throw for us - the Muses High Heel Shoe Bracelet.  You would not believe how popular these are!!!  And this year we will be throwing the coordinating necklace.

Finally, each year we have a signature shoe bead.  These are the signature shoe beads that I have thrown for each of the four years I've ridden.  I plan to keep a collection of these for each year I ride.  Aren't they beautiful!!!

This time next week, we'll be rolling down the Avenue!  Cannot wait!


  1. I wish I was going to be there Thursday night to get one of the shoe throws! I love anything releated to shoes!!

  2. OMG I do not remember the last time i saw a slap bracelet!!! That is fantastic!!

  3. Oh my these shoe beads are FABULOUS!! DH and I ride in the Joe Cain parade in Mobile every year - this is my 18th year. :-) I would kill for some of those shoes - not to throw - but to WEAR! XOXO



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