Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Photo Update

As you know we started the weekend off by attending this year's Valentine's Ball benefiting Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  The dinner party we were attending was at our friend's family's farmhouse, and since it was muddy from tons of rain, we were asked to wear boots.  Well, guess what?  I had just the right boots for this weekend.

We were so excited that our friends Matt and Jaime were willing to go through with our crazy plan to fly down to Beaufort for the Valentine's Ball and the Superbowl!  It wouldn't have been the same without them.

Here's a picture of the Saints Mardi Gras masks that we gave out as party favors!  I have some extras that I plan to throw at Muses.  I think Saints throws are going to be a huge hit on the parade route!

Everybody loved wearing their Fleur de Lis beads to support our Saints!

Before the Arizona game, Coach Payton gave all the players a bat like this that had "Bring the Wood" carved on it.  Isn't this the ultimate host(ess) gift - a "Bring the Wood" bat from the Pickle family?   I think it was our lucky charm. 

We danced to the Ying Yang Twins "Halftime" after every touchdown just like we do in the Dome.  "Here we come to get you!!!"

And the Saints won the challenge!!!!  What a momentum shift!!!!

And even though we were up by 14, I was a basket of nerves!!!

But there was no need to be nervous!!!  Because these are you're daddy's Saints!!!  


Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!

We're Number 1!!!!!

Here's to the ladies of the Who Dat Nation!

Still celebrating that the New Orleans Saints are World Champions!!!!!!!

Even Beignet got into the Saints spirit!

We truly had such an amazing time sharing this special night with our friends.  I will never ever forget what it felt like to watch Drew Brees accept the MVP award and hoist up the Lombardi Trophy.  What an amazing night.  It was more perfect than I could have ever pictured!


  1. You looked adorable in your white dress and yes I was agree you had the perfect boots!

    The party looked amazing than again us Dg's do have a love for hosting if I shall say so myself!

  2. Love the dress & the boots! You are adorable!

    Looks like a fun party!!! Like Heidi said, us DGs know how to host a bash!

  3. You look fabulous!!! And the party looks like a blast!

  4. Love your blog! I live in South Florida now but I've lived in Hammond all my life! BEST day ever yesterday!!! WHODAT!!!

  5. I know. I still keeping wanting to pinch myself. I keep saying "the Saints REALLY won the SUPER BOWL!!!!"



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