Friday, October 2, 2009

Is it the Swine Flu?

No it's just Saints fever!!!!!!!!!

I have been anxious about the Saints versus Jets game Sunday since the last second clicked off the clock last week in Buffalo. I know you never want to make much of any one game in the NFL, but this game has the feeling of a STATEMENT game. The Saints will be playing at home in what will hopefully be a playoff atmosphere against a Jets team that most predicted would have a mediocre season with rookie Mark Sanchez at QB. What has helped Sanchez and the Jets get off to a 3-0 start is the fantastic play of their defense and special teams. There defense has put Sanchez in manageable situations and haven't asked him to do too much to win a game. Their defense has not allowed an opponent to score on their first possession once this year allowing them to set the pace. It just so happens though that Drew Brees will be playing them this Sunday, and he has led the Saints to score on each of their three opening drives this year. If we can do that Sunday, it'll be a good start to what will hopefully be a great game.

I am kind of suspicious of games like these. We have so much invested in a big home win that would take us to 4-0 before the bye week. The Saints have found ways to disappoint us each of the last two years, so forgive my hesitance to crown them yet. I find I become so emotionally involved with the team (i.e. I cried after our 0-4 start in 2007, and I mean really cried) that I'm trying to ease my way into this season. But it's hard not to notice what's going around in New Orleans. The shakes, cold sweats, exhaustion - it's not the swine flu - it's SAINTS FEVER! I think I might be coming down with it too!!!

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