Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trendy Wednesday - Sale Update

So in a previous Trendy Wednesday I wrote about my favorite pair of riding boots EVER!!! Well, they are finally on sale!!!!! It is a birthday wish come true. I could not be more excited. My friend Noah works at the BCBG in New Orleans, and since we'll be home this weekend, I am going to be visiting him and trying them on in person. I can't wait. I didn't think my bday could get any better, but it just did!

In the spirit of savings, I thought instead of a regular Trendy Wednesday posting, I'd post a sale update on items I had previously listed. Like I tell Mark, "Don't think of the money your spending, think of the money your SAVING!!"

The Alice and Olivia leggings that were $150 are now $89.

The Tory Burch Jelly Reva that was $95 is now $57!!

The adorable BCBG floral applique party dress that was $288 is now $216. It is worth every penny. I have never gotten more complements on a dress before!!

Do you know of any good sales?? Or do you have a tip about a finding good deals online??

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  1. Ooo, thanks for the updates on the bargains. I am also in the market for some riding boots. I might even attempt to try the skinny jeans + riding boots combo... kind of worried I'll look like I have thunder thighs but figure it's worth a try.

    I, unfortunately, have no bargain tips because I am THE worst bargain shopper. I went on a huge shopping spree a few weeks ago since the dress code at Target is business formal. I got home and thought - 'I am actually glad I don't have a husband because I would NOT want to explain all of this to him...'



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