Thursday, January 7, 2010

Krewe of Muses - Five Weeks and Counting

With only five weeks left until the Krewe of Muses takes to the street of New Orleans, I have been making list after list detailing all of the items required when one rides in the grandest parade of all.  Our costume is provided by the krewe and changes colors annually (this year it is red with pink trim).  Also provided by the krewe are our masks, which are required by city ordinance to worn by all riders at all times.  Of course, no costume would be complete without an array of accessories!

This is where the lists come in!  You see, growing up in New Orleans I came to assume that in every town and city in this country existed five or six costume shops containing all of the things a girl could ever need.  So, our first year living in Beaufort, I let time slip through my hands and realized the week before we were leaving to go home for the parade that I had not yet run by our local costume shop to pick up my accessories.  Hmmm...  per, there did not seem to be a listing for a costume shop.  That couldn't be right.  I just knew my friend, Jaime, would most certainly know where the Beaufort costume shop was located.  So I call her to ask where I could find things like boas, satin gloves, red fishnets, legwarmers, etc.  And with a sweet giggle she informed me that no shop like that existed here.  What??  Was I the crazy one?  Was I seriously the only one who had an urgent need for the tackiest of tacky?  The thing is, until I realized that noone else had a need for these things on a regular basis, I didn't even consider them tacky! 

So that's where the list comes in!  Now I plan ahead!!!  My goal for this week is to have all of my accessories ordered.  So here's a recap of what I need...

A pink sequin fanny pack to store my phone, camera, ids, money, keys.  Once a girl put her stuff in a Muses parade bag and someone accidentally through it to a parade-goer.  That is my greatest fear.  So, the fanny pack ensures that all my stuff stays with me! Hot right!

A set of pink satin gloves, a fluffy pink boa (you wouldn't believe how warm these keep you) and a pair of pink leg warmers.

Done, done, done, and done!  Here's a picture of us in all our finest from last year...

Can't wait to show you a picture from this year!!

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