Thursday, January 28, 2010

Krewe of Muses - Two Weeks and Counting

Holy cow, I cannot believe our parade will be rolling down St. Charles in just two weeks!!!!!!!  This is the point of the preparation for the parade where I start obsessing over the things I cannot control.  For instance, I have begun my daily ritual of checking the 15 day forecast on  Now, I know that it is probably wrong, and I know that even if it is right and t predicts rain, there is nothing I can do to stop it.  Yet, each and every morning for the next fifteen days, I will wake up and jet to the computer to check on the weather.  What's the outlook you might be wondering?  I can tell you - daytime temps in the high 60s, slight chance of a sprinkle, clearing in the evening with temps in the 50s.  Not too bad!
Next, I become frantic trying to plan for how I will get organized on the float.  What will our float be like?  Will there be enough hooks to hang everything?  What if they put my beads in the wrong place?  Will we even have enough space to stand?  Ahhh!!  Not one of those things can I answer, so I need to stop worrying, right!  You'd think I'd let these things go five years after my rookie ride, but I still freak out over them!

As the parade gets closer, we do learn more of the details which makes me feel a bit more relaxed.  For instance, the pre and post party will be held at the new Mardi Gras World!  How awesome is that!  Our boas, gloves, and sequin fanny packs will all be delivered by the end of the day, so that's one less thing to worry about.  Also, we have selected our riding beverage of choice.  I am riding with seven lovely ladies, including myself and we have decided that accompanying our main course of Popeye's chicken will be Francis Coppola's Sophia sparkling wine.  It comes in it's own red aluminum cans and little pink straws which matched our costume.  How bout that!
Francis Coppola's Sparkling Wine

Next week, I thought I'd share with you picture's of our signature throws (beads and trinkets) and also disclose my position on our float just in case any of you happen to be watching as we ride by!


  1. love this packaging

  2. They are perfect to take on the boat (or on a float!) but they are just too sweet for me. I'm a sucker for packaging though, so am always picking Sofia up for boat trips, pool parties, etc.



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