Sunday, January 3, 2010

All that Glitters

If you could only see our house today!  There is glitter everywhere!!!  I have spent quite a bit of time this weekend making more shoes for Muses.  If you're a new reader, you can read all about this crazy shoe endeavor here.

We can only bring 30 shoes onto our float because space is incredibly limited, and I now have 23 completed.  Whew!!!  I make 34 so that I can hand deliver one shoe to my parents, one to my sister, and one for Mark and me to keep.  We have less than six weeks left until our big tenth anniversary parades hits the streets of New Orleans.  I am already too excited for words!!!  I thought I'd share my latest creations with you.  As we get closer to the parade, I hope to have a special update each Thursday to share with you all of the many things that go into preparing to travel home to ride in the city's favorite night parade!


  1. You are definitely the queen of glitter! Those are all so awesome!!

  2. So neat! Are you sure you won't need a glitter support group when you are finished :)

  3. The shoes are all amazing...and I bet they're really special in real life! Pictures probably don't do them justice. I'd love to see a post of the progress of one shoe from start to finish!

    I also love the recipes you post each Tuesday! Thanks for sharing those!

    Have fun getting ready for the parade...can't wait to read your posts as your prepare and experience it all!

    All the best,
    (I went to high school with Christie).

  4. Kelly,

    I LOVE this idea. For my next shoe, I will take pictures of the whole process. They take about an hour to an hour and a half to do one shoe! This will be such a fun way to document the process!!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the crawfish shoes :) I'm a total Muses-aholic and adore all of the creativity in the floats, throws and shoes. Yall are certainly a special bunch of women. I, too, would love to see the whole process of making the shoes.



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