Friday, January 29, 2010

Who are you? Who-Who? Who-Who?

Hi readers! I've noticed a lot of new readers in the past week or two.  I'd love to hear from you!  I'd love for you to leave a comment noting how you found my blog, what your blog address is, your favorite blog, or just something about you. 

Remember when the "25 things" post was going around facebook?  I loved that!  So I thought in the spirit of hellos and introductions, I'd post my 25 things so you could get to know a little more about me.  What's one of your 25 things?
  1. I hate sponges. Ick! They gross me out. I always feel like you’re cleaning the dishes with something dirtier than they are. The thought of hand washed dishes gives me chills.
  2. I love fine dining and Top Chef. They go together b/c when we go to a nice meal I like to play Top Chef and say things like “mmm, what a nice balance of flavors” or “it just needs a little salt and some acid would have helped.”
  3. We watched the documentary “The War Room” in civics class my senior year of high school about James Carville and George Stephanopolous about running the Clinton campaign and from that point on I wanted to be a speech writer/campaign organizer. Maybe one day!
  4. Speaking of writing, I have a bad habit of writing letters to people when they publish things I don’t agree with (Walter Block) or to businesses when they consistently provide poor customer service (airlines!!). I think I wrote three letters in the last month.
  5. I love the Saints – although it is usually a love/hate relationship. I’m not sure whether this is reflective of my persistence, my naïve idealism, or sheer craziness, but literally at the start of every September I tell my dad (and now Mark) I really think this is the year. Poor Mark – to have brought someone into this through marriage is really cruel. We’re so crazy we keep our season tickets and travel to half the games. (CAN YOU TELL THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THIS YEAR!!!)
  6. I love most sports (hockey, boxing, and soccer are the main exceptions). I don’t count Nascar b/c I consider it an event not a sport. I have always wished I was born a natural athlete. Although I’m a terrible sport – so maybe it is better I’m not. I guess I’ll stick to watching it on tv and the summer kickball league.
  7. Mark and I met Drew Brees at Saltus River Grill here in Beaufort of all places. Can you imagine!! Of all the famous people in the world to sit at the table next to us, it is my hero Drew Brees. He’s also my facebook friend – so Drew if you’re reading this – hi from Beaufort!
  8. I give up shopping every year for Lent. But I think I make up for it pretty quickly there after. I’m really bad about going to Church but religious about not breaking my Lenten sacrifice or meat on Lent Fridays. Some things they teach you at Catholic school sticks with you like glue.
  9. I love hip hop. Especially local rap from New Orleans – you know you do too! I’ve seen most of you at the Gold Mine.
  10. My first concert was Kenny G. How embarrassing. It was my grandmother’s birthday present from my parents and we had to go as a family. I thought I’d rather die than be seen there. I always wanted to say my first concert was New Kids, but nope it was Kenny G.
  11. I got a C+ in Intermediate Accounting my sophomore year in college and my parents made me take out a Stafford loan so that I’d appreciate my education. Now every month I have to debate whether going out 21 nightsin a row with Heather was worth it. I still think it was – ahhhh Madigans!
  12. I love New York! No matter how many times we go there I could always go back for more! I think the West Village is my favorite part of the city, but I love exploring new places and things to do there.
  13. I would love to open up a cupcake shop or similar type of patisserie with my sister when we move back to New Orleans. Who knows if this will happen, but it would be my dream come true. I’d love to have seasonal items that you can only find for a short period like gingerbread muffins with a cinnamon frosting and candied ginger crumble.
  14. I am a hypochondriac to the highest order. I can’t watch shows like ER or House because I convince myself I have whatever the person on tv has. Thank God I married a doctor or I’d be in the ER all the time.
  15. I hate driving trips. I get really restless and bored. I’m trying to get better about that seeing as the only direct flight we have are to Dallas, DC, and NYC, but I’m still not very excited by the thought of more than a two hour drive.
  16. I cannot tolerate people who are rude to waiters. Being so is a characteristic that I think says all I need to know about someone.
  17. I took ballet for almost half my life but haven’t been to a class since college. It’s one of the things I want to get back to when we move back to New Orleans.
  18. Being at the Superdome the night it re-opened for the game versus the Falcons was one of the greatest moments of my life. If I think about it too much I’ll cry. I have a feeling on this I am not alone. Oh man, when Gleason blocked that kick the people above us starting shaking their beers and spraying it like champagne on NYE. It was a night I feel so lucky to have been a part of! (AND NOW THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP TOO!!)
  19. I love board games. Any and all of them. Mark doesn’t really like playing them, but he’s willing to every now and again.
  20. I had a bad attitude toward the military b/c I knew it would be the reason I would have to leave New Orleans, but being a part of it has been so absolutely incredible that I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. I am humbled every day by the number of young men and women who have chosen to sacrifice for our freedoms, especially at this time in our world. I go to the commissary at Parris Island (where all Marine recruits this side of the Mississippi train) every Sunday and not once have I left there without the overwhelming feelings of pride, humility, and gratitude.
  21. I have loved every second of our life in Beaufort. That coming from a girl from New Orleans speaks volumes of the community here. We have met the most amazing people here who I can’t wait to spend a lifetime knowing.
  22. I ride in a Mardi Gras parade – Muses. One day I’d like to be a float captain. I spend countless hours putting glitter and decorations on shoes to be handed to strangers on the street. It is the most amazing experience every year. It never gets old. I love the excitement and the sentimentality of the whole thing. You’re never too old at Mardi Gras! Growing up I thought Mardi Gras was a national holiday like Christmas. I never understood why others kids had school or why there weren’t re-runs on.
  23. I am very close to my family. And I am very protective of them. Say what you want about me, but say anything about them and I’ll never forget it.
  24. I have the best husband ever! We truly do have such a great life together, and I know I’m not the most easy going person in the world, so I think most of it is attributable to him. I am always so proud of him, but especially when a patient of his makes a point to tell me how wonderful of a doctor he is.
  25. I love New Orleans more than I can put into words. I truly believe that it is more of who I am than where I am from. The sound of a trumpet playing or a drum beating, the smell of butter and flour cooking together when you’re making a roux, the sight of flashing lights off in the distance that tell the parade is on its way. It’s not a place - it’s a feeling and an experience and a way of life. It’s unique and not easily understood but it’s ours and we will do anything and everything possible to appreciate it and to protect it. And all we ask is that you do the same.


  1. I don't remember how I found your blog, I think from a comment you left on someone elses blog. Here's a random thing about me, I love the TV show Frasier. I think it's hilarious!

  2. From your emails I can personally attest to #25, and I love it! Thanks again for taking time to answer all my questions! I know we will have a much better trip and experience because of you, THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. I found your blog from LSU Melanie's blog, and I found her's from Kelly's Korner. I always click on anything LSU,New Orleans, Saints, Mardi Gras, etc. related. I can't help - I'm addicted to anything and everything New Orleans!

  4. I think I found your blog through Maters and Melons right before I was about to go to Mardi Gras last year, and have been following ever since (but not commenting- sorry!! :) ) New Orleans is such a fabulous place. One of my college best friends is from there and took a group of us for a long weekend. We had the best time, it is one of my most favorite trips I have ever taken!! And, the same friend is getting married in June so I can't wait to go back for the bachelorette and the wedding weekends!

  5. You know how I found your blog! These facts were fun to read! So glad I got to meet you through Al & Barn!

  6. I think I found you on LSU Melanie's blog, too. I live in south Louisiana so I'm interested in other blogs like that.

    I just moved my blog to

  7. Jen I never knew you met Drew Brees!!! wow! what was he doing in Beaufort?

  8. I think I found your blog through a comment that you left somewhere. I love NOLA too, so your name jumped out at me.

    I checked Facebook and one of my '30 things' was that I like being short :) I am 5'1 but I feel much taller! (I only realize I am short when I am around people that are the same height as me).Crazy, huh?

    Ironically #27 on my list reads "I Love NOLA!!" Too funny!

  9. Hi, I found your blog through Learning to be a Wife. I LOVE your most recent post about the shoes you are beading! I can't wait to see what the full theme is going to be. You can find my blog, Never a Dull Moment, at

  10. Hi! I found your blog through your hubby's facebook. We were stationed in Beaufort and he delivered my son. I'm also a proud girl from Southern Louisiana!! :)

  11. Hi! I found your blog through Maters and Melons.

    I love reading your posts - especially the recipes and fashion suggestions you share. I also really like reading about the love and pride you have for NOLA.

    Something about life is going to be exciting and stressful - we're moving from Canada (we've been here with my husband's job for almost 3 years) to Washington, DC. And I'm 2 months pregnant with baby #2.

    Go Saints!!!

  12. Found your blog through So Happily Us, I went to high school with Ben and met Margaret (again) in Collage. My sister-in-law lived in New Orleans for 2 years and we visited every chance we got - I LOVE your city, so naturally, I love reading your blog. I'm extremely envious that you will be there for Mardis Gras. We were there two years ago for the whole last week, I probably ate lunch at the same time as you at Commander's Palace - it was awesome! Thanks also for highlighting the family side. That's what I remember and it's hard to explain to my friends who have only been on Bourbon Street.

  13. Found your blog completely by accident. A friend and I are traveling to Nola from St Louis next Thursday to stay with a couple who's originally from STL for Carnival. We are going to break our necks to get into town before the Muses Parade begins. Our friends live on the West Bank. I absolutely love NO and totally agree with you that its not a place to live as much as a feeling. Unless you've ever been there, its hard to describe. I am so happy to see the Saints in the Superbowl and the city receive the attention it deserves. Love your blog!

  14. Just left a comment on an earlier post. I am a friend of Margaret's (So Happily Us) from college, and started reading your blog as soon as I saw "NOLA!" Love it all. My blog is private, but it is "Tickled Pink and Orange." I can, of course, send you an invite though, so you see I'm not crazy!

  15. Erica, I would love to get an invite to your blog! I have been touched by all of the sweet comments about my blog and about New Orleans. Growing up in New Orleans you learn to be proud of where you come from, and it warms my heart to know that this place is special to so many people!!

  16. I was reading a guest post written by Dude & Sweetie for Becky at Love Everyday Life and Becky mentioned Lisa, Lisa's Yarns which I totally appreciated and then I saw your name and I LOVE New Orleans, I visited in summer of 1997 and it was WONDERFUL!! I also hostess part time with a lady who was living in New Orleans before Katrina (she lived there a long time but isn't from there) and finally I helped open the Charlotte Ruth's Chris in October 2005... I love your about you, I love shoes (ridiculously so but I have had to give up heels b/c of my running) so I love your posts and when you say Beufort is that Beufort, SC?? I've been there too and I LOVE it, my Aunt and Uncle have a house down there. I've discovered blogs because I no longer have access to Facebook at work and I honestly enjoy reading about people's lives way more than just FB!!


    sorry I ramble :)

  17. Hey darlin! Just found your blog via Vineyard Vogue and good Lord where have I been missing out on your precious blog? My hubby and I are both from NOLA, he born & raised, me born, moved up the East Coast, back to NOLA thru '06, and then back up the East Coast. I hope you had a fabulous ride in Muses and am so jealous you're a part of their krewe! If I still lived in NOLA I would totally be trying to get in. I look forward to following along your adventures!! XOXOXO


  18. as a fellow metro New Orleanian- I identify with a lot on this list.



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