Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trendy Wednesday - A New Year, A New Me

Everywhere I look, it seems people are looking to the new year to improve themselves.  Whether it's to be more organized or to improve your nighttime facial cleansing routine, to read more books or to lose more weight, the new year has brought about the annual trend of making some changes where changes are due.   And while I have spent the first part of the new year assessing how to improve myself, I have also spent it assessing how to improve my blog.

And here you go!!!  SURPRISE!!!  I have been so incredibly excited about this little venture.  And it seems to have happened overnight care of the amazingly talented Blog Fairy.  On New Years Day, I emailed the blog fairy (Emily) my responses to her questionnaire that described what I was looking for in my blog make-over.  While in my head I had imagined a blog that would project a feeling of being right at home in New Orleans, I could never have put into words exactly what I was looking for.  That is where the blog fairy amazed me the most.  It was like she could see through my very meagerly creative description of what I was looking for (purple, green, and gold/wrought iron lamp post/Fleur de Lis) and turn it into everything I had dreamed of!!  When I see this blog now, I see myself.  What a gift the blog fairy has given me.  I hope you will visit her site and look at her amazing work and should you too decide to give your blog a little new year cheer you will consider her.  I am so grateful I did (thank you Grosgrain Lane for passing along the blog fairy's information!!!).

I'd love to hear what you think!!!


  1. It looks amazing!!! :) One of the things on my 30 before 30 to-do list is get a blog makeover! Looks like I might need to summon the help of the blog fairy!

  2. Love it Jen! I've been thinking of doing the same thing to our blog, it's so boring.

    BTW, I love reading your blog, it's one of my favs!

  3. FABULOUS look! Emily IS amazing, isn't she? p.s. one of the very best meals I have ever eaten was at the Court of Two Sisters. I LOVE NOLA! :)

  4. 6 days! It took me 6 months to do the logo only!



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