Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trendy Wednesday- What to Wear with Leggings/Tights

     After last week's post, I had two friends ask about suggestions for what to pair with leggings or tights.  Good question!  They asked that the suggested looks do two things - keep them from looking preggo and cover their bottoms. 
     First, I think it should be pointed out that you have a little more wiggle room in terms of the length of the tunic/top if you are wearing jeggings (jean leggings) or leggings that have a true waistband, zipper, and pockets.  They appear more like real pants and don't require a top that completely covers your bum.  I have had great success with these Citizen Avedon jeggings.  Drawback - they are pricey.  Added bonus - they eliminate muffin top completely! 
    So my search began. What I found was that there are two ways to approach this look.  The first is a tunic/short dress look and the second is a layered look (think loose tank, cardigan, etc.)  I tend to lean more toward the first because I am as square from my shoulder as I am at my waist so bulkiness and large belts do nothing to enhance my figure.  But for those that can wear a multi-layer look synched in with a belt, I have a few of those options too...

I love this ruffled silk tunic from Nordstom.  It is so soft and feminine and would pair nicely with leggings and great black ballet flats.

This ruffle front plaid tunic is adorable and would be a perfect match for those jeggings I mentioned earlier and these brown Dolce Vita booties (that are currently 50% off).

Have you had an overload of ruffles yet?  There's more.  These two adorable tunics from Anthropologie are too cute to pass up.  The Lean Lines Tunic is nicely tied at the waist providing you a great legging look that won't have anyone thinking you're hiding a baby bump.  The Ruffles Everywhere Tunic is something I saw that I just loved too much not to share.

Now for layering, I would start by checking out Anthropologie's layering basics section.  Great finds!

Then I would head to their outfits link.  It is a great way to navigate through putting together all of the pieces of a head-to-toe outfit.  Here I found this look featuring their City Garden Cardigan.

This outfit would be such a great casual weekend look...

I hope this helped.  I am no expert, so if any of you readers have suggestions on legging looks, please share!!!


  1. Loving the first tunic you showed from Nordstrom! Great post!

  2. I just bought this orange and blue plaid shirt that I can't wait to wear with leggings:

  3. I haven't tried the leggings look yet because I think I look super silly, but i'll keep ya posted when I do:)
    I think the citizen leggings are an answer to my prayers:)

  4. I think we have very similar body shapes - I can't pull off the layers/cinched belt look either. I just look bulky when I do!

    I have not tried leggings but I do love tights. I wear dresses & tights all the time at work!

  5. i think i have to have that ya-da tunic.. adorable! and the cinched waist is nice!

  6. So, I just referred back to your Trendy Wednesday posting because I am in search of a difficult combo! MK and I are going to a Sikh wedding in California in late March. The ceremonieSSS (there are 3 in ONE day!) will begin at 10am on Saturday morning at the temple. Recommended attire is as follows: "women should wear long dress/pants, no plunging necklines, and no bear shoulders". UG! Firstly, does this mean that I am supposed to wear an evening dress at 10am? or would Maxi dress + cardigan suffice?? Since I look like a beached whale in maxi dresses, I am thinking of "pushing the envelope" and trading long (unflattering) dress for trendy/dressy top + black leggings + heels... IMANOLAGIRL, please HELP ME!!:) I spent hours, upon hourrrs shopping today and came home with 2 non-stick frying pans and a new hand mixer! Hmmph! :-(

  7. Kathryn,

    That is such a tough call!! I can imagine it would feel funny to wear a formal gown that early in the day. Like you, I imagine a maxi-dress paired with a sweater will be the popular choice. Also like you, I always feel like maxi-dresses are terribly unflattering on me. I find they are usually bulky and make me look preggo! I found this great dressy top at BCBG,
    Perhaps that would work with your leggings. It would transition from day to night nicely!
    I will keep searching, but let me know what you think.



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